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Ultraman R/B Press Presentation Reveals Series Details and Trailer


Ultraman R/B Press Presentation Reveals Series Details and Trailer

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The press presentation for Ultraman R/B was held on Thursday in Japan at the Tokyo Toy Show.

The press presentation for Ultraman R/B showcased the Minato brothers, Katsumi/Ultraman Rosso and Isami/Ultraman Blu. Additional characters Asahi Minato and Ushio Minato, the younger sister, and father of the two leads were also introduced. Rounding out the cast is Makoto Aizen, the president of Eizentech, a corporation doing research on unknown energy sources.

The story of the series is said to revolve around the themes of “bonds” and “love” and will feature the brothers not only colliding with enemy monsters but also with each other from time to time. The series will have multiple enemies so that viewers will not be able to predict what happens next.

During the presentation, series director Masayoshi Takesue talked about the series challenging the image of Ultraman as it will focus on the themes of “comedy”, “family love”, and “a hero who grows”.

Also revealed were the artists composing music for the series. Masayoshi Oishi will perform the opening theme, “Hands”, while Ultraman Geed‘s Suzuko Mimori will perform “Dream Flight”, the ending theme.

At the end of the event, a mysterious, black Ultraman Orb (star of the 2016 Ultraman series) appeared on stage, with the announcer mentioning that his importance will gradually be revealed throughout the show.

A special trailer detailing the transformations and form changes seen in the show was also presented and uploaded to Tsuburaya’s Youtube channel.

Source: MyNavi, Tsuburaya’s official Youtube channel

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