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Ultra Replica Ultra Fusion Card Special Set Announced


Ultra Replica Ultra Fusion Card Special Set Announced

Premium Bandai announced a set of new cards that are compatible with previously released Ultra Replica Orb Ring

Premium Bandai announced a companion card set to the previously released Ultra Replica Orb ring from Ultraman Orb. A total of 35 cards are included in this set. DX cards previously released in 2016 have seen a redesign to closer resemble the show prop. Instead of the Ultra’s name written in Japanese, it is now written in the fictional Ultra language.

This set also includes a number of cards that did not show up in the Ultraman Orb tv series, cards representing Ultras that appeared past 2016. Warning: these cards are not compatible with the 2016 DX Orb Ring.

Redesigned cards include:

  • Ultraman Ace
  • Ultraman Leo
  • Ultraman 80
  • Ultraman Tiga Power Type
  • Ultraman Tiga Sky Type
  • Ultraman Dyna Strong Type
  • Ultraman Dyna Miracle Type
  • Ultraman Cosmos
  • Ultraman Justice Crusher Mode
  • Ultraman Max
  • Ultraman Nexus Junes
  • Ultimate Zero
  • Ultraman Hikari

Cards new to the Fusion Card line include:

  • Father of Ultra
  • Mother of Ultra
  • Ultraman King
  • Astra
  • Ultrawoman Grigio
  • Ultraman Titas
  • Ultraman Fuma
  • Ultraman Trigger Power Type
  • Ultraman Trigger Sky Type
  • Ultraman Trigger Eternity
  • Trigger Dark
  • Ultraman Tregear
  • Ultraman Ribut
  • Ultraman Belial Atrocious
  • Ultraman Zero Beyond
  • Ultraman Regulos
  • Ultimate Shining Ultraman Zero
  • Absolute Tartarus
  • Absolute Diablo
  • Absolute Titan
  • and two unrevealed secret cards

Any fusions you can think of are possible! The cards in this set can be used to access fusions from Ultraman series post-Orb.

Iconic sounds can be activated through these cards, such as finisher moves, summoning sounds, transformation sounds, and more!

The Ultra Replica Ultra Fusion Card Special Set from Ultraman Orb will go for 8,250 yen (tax included). Preorders are open until June 17th, 2022 at 23:00 JST and is scheduled to ship in December 2022.

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Source: Premium Bandai

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