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Kamen Rider Girls to Perform Kamen Rider Build’s Newest Insert Theme


Kamen Rider Girls to Perform Kamen Rider Build’s Newest Insert Theme

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The newest insert song for Kamen Rider Build to be performed by the Kamen Rider Girls

Chisato Akita and Ayako Kuroda of Kamen Rider Girls have announced that the group will be performing a new insert song, Build Up, for Kamen Rider Build. With the lyrics being written by Chisato herself, the new theme is said to embrace the feel of the series and is to appear soon. This also serves as the first insert theme written by a group member to be featured in a Kamen Rider series.


Kamen Rider Girls have taken the helm of producing insert themes for Kamen Rider’s final forms in the past, including Kamen Rider Wizard’s Missing Piece, and most recently Kamen Rider Ex-Aid’s Time of Victory, which is featured on the group’s third album, Invincible.

Source: Chisato Akita’s Announcement Post

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