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As part of TokuNet’s Podcasting Partners, we feature new episodes from these tokusatsu podcast run by various members of the community.

Rider Love Podcast

The podcast that celebrates its love for Kamen Rider, its stories, characters, and fans.

Toku Ladies Podcast

An intersectional queer feminist podcast hosted by The2ndBatgirl, PockySquirrel, Terrierlee, and Mara.

Mostly Speakin’ Sentai

Join Nicole and James, long-time best friends who kiss each other, as they share their genuine, earnest love of the Super Sentai series with fellow Chicago musicians, comedians, podcasters, artists, and friends! No snobbery here. No correcting each other. Just love, happiness, and many goofs while they’re mostly speakin’ Sentai!

Saved by the Belial

Birthed from the demise of the Kaiju Apostle Podcast, “Saved by the Belial” reunites co-hosts Chris and David to discuss the universe’s greatest superhero: Ultraman! With only three minutes to discuss each episode, will they be able to say what they need before the color timer runs out? Will Chris grow sick of Ultraman? And why is Ginga no Uta an absolute bop? Stay tuned to find out! Episodes are released biweekly.


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