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Ultra Replica Dark Ring From Ultraman Orb Announced


Ultra Replica Dark Ring From Ultraman Orb Announced

The complete Ultra Replica Dark Ring set including the display stand, the dark ring and the Ultra Fusion cards

Pre-orders for the Ultra Replica Dark Ring from Ultraman Orb went on sale on Premium Bandai on July 13, 2022. 

Using the power of kaiju, the Dark Ring allows its wielder to transform into fusions of historic Ultra Series kaiju. The item was brandished by Jugglus Juggler to steal the power of kaiju and fight with Ultraman Orb in the 2016 series. The Ultra Replica Dark Ring costs 16,500 yen and releases in February 2023 through Premium Bandai.

The Dark Ring in its closed state

The size of the Ultra Replica Dark Ring differs from its DX counterpart and is at the same scale as the Ultra Replica Orb Ring. Notably, these sizes were based on a 3D scan of the prop used in filming for Ultraman Orb. Like with the Ultra Replica Orb Ring, the plastic is different than the DX model to allow it to shine brighter. 

The Dark Ring in its open state

The item has two modes, Dark Ring Mode and Jugglus Juggler Mode. Dark Ring Mode plays the scanned cards’ corresponding audio lines.

A grid showing each of the included Ultra Fusion cards from Ultraman Orb

While in Juggler mode, voice lines from Juggler’s transformation sequences will play when scanning cards. Additionally, lines from movies that Juggler has appeared in also play. Furthermore, new audio lines from Juggler’s actor Takaya Aoyagi play. 

Jugglus Juggler Mode audio lines next to a picture of Takaya Aoyagi's face

The ring comes with a display stand, 20 Ultra Fusion cards and a user manual. Among the Ultra Fusion cards included are brand new cards featuring characters from Ultraman Z. Using certain combinations of Ultra Fusion cards with the ring causes it to play the summoning sounds for Maga Orochi and Maga Grand King. 

An image showing the specific kaiju needed to summon Maga-Orochi and Maga-Grand King

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Source: Hobby Dengeki

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