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Tokusatsu Filming Locations


Tokusatsu Filming Locations

Team TokuNet gathered various Super Sentai and Kamen Rider filming locations across Japan for one easy guide.



Saitama Super Arena Omiya Hokosugi Bridge Saitama Keyaki Hiroba
Mount Iwafune Ajinomoto Stadium Saitama Stadium 2002
Chichibu Muse Park National Museum of Nature and Science Gunma Observatory
Yori Daiei Kougyou Yokohama Business Park Chateau Akamurasaki
Funato Riverside Park, Riverside Bridge Harumi Passenger Terminal F2 Plant
Old Iwabuchi Watergate Tsukuba Expo Center Akutsu Water Treatment Center
Kashimanada Seaside Park Ushiku Chuo Lifelong Learning Center Tsukuba Center Building
Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium Miyagawa Bay Nanatsudo Park
Hitachi Marble Hall Tokushusensaku Gunku Nihon Koatsu Concrete Saitama Plant
Yokohama Port Symbol Tower Ashiyama Water Purification Plant Yume-no-ohashi Bridge
Mizunohiroba Park Sakuragaoka Seisen Memorial Hall Lockheart Castle
Hanyu City Industrial and Cultural Hall Outlet Mall Rism Underground Car park Yokohama’s Honmoku-futo Wharf
Hatsudai Tamai Hospital Studio Meisei University Tokorozawa Aviation Memorial Park
Tokorozawa Civic Cultural Centre Muse Pacifico Yokohama Shinagawa Aquarium
Ibaraki Prefecture Government Building Oya History Museum Atsugi AXT Main Tower
Zenko Temple Daiwa Sumitomo Harbor Nissan Stadium
Urayama Dam Tokorozawa Aviation Memorial Park Kanetsu Expressway Iruma River Bridge


Super Sentai

Timeranger Studio Sagacho Blyus
Abaranger BAR CRUSH
Shinkenger Former Residence and Garden of Lord Hotta
Goseiger Maebashishi Suido Center
Kyoryuger Foot Rest Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum
Ninninger Takami Senseki Memorial site Chiba Castle
Zyuogher Santa Hills
Kyuranger Wankara Ikebukuro Hamagin Space Science Center
Lupinranger Vs. Patranger Paty Cafe Venus Fort

Kamen Rider

Kuuga Coffee House Rupo
Ryuki Ogikubo Office Studio Haikaraya Cafe Ogikubo Office Studio
Faiz Hakuyousha Cleaners Tokyo Opera City Bar Deep Blue Roppongi
Blade Kitchen Cafe Cranbon Jingu Gaien Ginkgo Avenue
Hibiki Muramura
Kabuto Hengenjizai Cordia Alley Azabu Tokyo University of Technology
Den-O Taiyouken
Kiva Gallery & Cafe Aroma
Decade Suzuki Photography
Double Kyutsurukawaza
OOO Trattoria Kaname
Fourze Takasaki University of Commerce JAXA Tsukuba Space Center
Wizard Trattoria Kaname
Gaim Old Brick Warehouse of the Commercial Bank of Honjo UR DELTA Ota Sasazuka Ishigaki Ruins Oak Wood
Ghost Kogonji Trattoria Kaname
Ex-Aid Chiba-Nishi General Hospital Villas des Mariages Utsunomiya
Build You Sing – Magu NTT Musashino R&D Center Higashi Saitama REUSE Center
Yuhinooka Viewing Platform Oura Symbol Tower MiRAi
Zi-O Senkiya Kawaguchi Comprehensive Cultural Center Lilia Asahiyamatenbo Park Tochigi Kenkounomori
Zero-One Beisia Headquarters


Locations that can be accessed are listed with a ✅, naturally ❌ means you cannot. ❌✅ means that parts can be visited, or can be on special dates, like Mt. Iwafune.
Please be respectful if you choose to visit any of these locations, and if there does happen to be any filming going on, do not obstruct or interfere in anyway.

Note that this article will be constantly updated, but please comment with any locations you’d like to know more about.


Saitama Super Arena (Map link)

It’ll only take a few episodes of watching tokusatsu for this location to pop up. The arena hosts various games and musical artists, including other special events. Toei has used almost every inch of the area in some capacity for many years, with good reason. The rental costs for the whole place is 200,000 yen ($2,000) for 12 hours, and that includes every part of the stadium.

The other lucky thing is that it’s only a 30-minute train trip from Tokyo, and with the wealth of recognizable locations to see, it’s definitely worth a trip. Be sure to walk the entire circumstance as there’s lots of scenery you’ll be familiar with.


Kuuga (42), Ryuki (1), Double (22), Abaranger (18), Hurricanger (27) & Dekaranger (29)


Magiranger (36), Kyoryuger (36), Agito (23), Kabuto (40) & Kamen Rider Double Forever A-Z (movie)

Next to stairs

Ryuki (17), Rider Time Ryuki (3), Fourze & OOO MEGAMAX,

Side of building

Greasae V-Cinema, Rider Time Ryuki (2) & Heisei Vs. Showa

Electric Room

Drive (32), Ex-Aid (29), Gaim (31), Zi-O (13), Kyuranger (46), Gaim (39), Sharivan Next Generation (V-Cinema) & Decade (17)

Metal Stairs

Lupinranger Vs. Patranger (9) & Faiz (45)

Underground Car Park Entrance

Decade (xx), Ryuki: Episode FINAL, Decade (xx) Zero-One (2)

Omiya Hokosugi Bridge (Map link)

Ryuki (7), Heisei Vs. Showa (Movie) & Kabuto (33)

You’ll come across this bridge as you circle around the arena.

Saitama Keyaki Hiroba (Map link)

Faiz (8)

Situated directly next to Saitama Super Arena (you’d be mistaken for thinking it was the same place), Keyaki Hiroba is probably most known for Faiz’s famous “I don’t have a dream” speech, from episode 8.

Mount Iwafune (Map link) ❌✅

Zi-O (35), Kyuranger (18), Decade (01), Akibaranger Season 2 (05), Gokaiger (press), Zyuogher (29), Gekiranger (32) & Go Rider

Anything big scale, this is the place it’s done. This poor place gets exploded so often.

Ajinomoto Stadium (Map link)

Faiz (22), Fourze (press), Double (1), Ryuki (28) & Ninninger (press)

Saitama Stadium 2002 (Map link)

Gaim (6), Gokaiger (23 & 9), Kyuranger (45), Ex-Aid (24), Goseiger (31) & Zyuohger (21)

Chichibu Muse Park (Map link)

Go-Busters (28), Kiva (36) & Drive (3)

National Museum of Nature and Science (Map link)

Double (10)

You would have seen this place’s exhibits countless times in Kyoryuger, but also in Garo: Those Who Shine in the Darkness. It’s in Ueno, so it’s very easy to get to if you’re staying in Tokyo.

Gunma Observatory (Map link)

Wizard (50), Build (48), Fourze (44), Gekiranger (48) Ryusoulger (1) & Gokaiger (18)

Resembling Stone Hedge, Gunma Observatory has an interesting architecture. It’s ancient anesthetic is the primary reason for it to be used in late-game stages of some shows. Most recently it was used in the opening scene of Ryusoulger episode 1.

Yori Daiei Kougyou (Map link) ❌✅

Zi-O (14), Fourze (32), Goggle V (45), Changeman (10), ToQger (1), Zyuohger (29) & Kyuranger (29)

Yes, it’s that rock quarry.

Yokohama Business Park (Map link)

Dekaranger (22), Faiz (23) & Agito (44)

Ryuki (5) & Agito (44)

Chateau Akamurasaki (Map link)

Gokaiger (6)

Funato Riverside Bridge (Map link)

OOO (37), Zi-O (24), Den-O (5) & Faiz (14)

Funato Riverside Under Bridge (Map link)

Zi-O (33), Build (14), Ryusoulger (16) & Zi-O (6)

Harumi Passenger Terminal (Map link)

Kyoryuger (26), Kuuga (21), Ninninger (41) & Magiranger (44)

Gekiranger (30), Go-Busters (ED), Ultraman Orb (25), Ex-Aid (24), ToQger (29) & Zyuogher (V-Cinema)

Split into two, the front and back have been used for a variety of different scenes.

Old Iwabuchi Watergate (Map link)

Goranger (72), Maskman (42) & Faiz (10)

Tsukuba Expo Center (Map link)

Carranger (7), Liveman (1) & Gingaman (xx)

Kashimanada Seaside Park (Map link)

Blade (15), Build (31), Faiz (48), Drive (35), Build (31) & Zi-O (46)

Ushiku Chuo Lifelong Learning Center (Map link)

Drive (31), Ex-Aid (40) & Lupinranger Vs. Patranger (3)

Tsukuba Center Building (Map link)

Zi-O (X), Ninninger (X), Ex-Aid (X), ToQger (26), Ghost (X), Gaim (14) & Zyuogher (18)

Miyagawa Bay (Map link)

Gekiranger (45), Kamen Rider (56), Drive (40), Liveman (21), Nininger (17), Zyuogher (30) & Ghost (40)

That rocky beach that’s been around in tokusatsu since the ’60s.

Nanatsudo Park (Map link)

Kyuranger (34)

Hitachi Marble Hall (Map link)

Ryuki (Rider Time) & Gaim (XX)

This was used most recently in Rider Time: Ryuki. It’s also the main office for Yggdrasil in Kamen Rider Gaim.

Tokushusensaku Gunku (Map link)

Gaim (13), Drive (26) & Ex-Aid (15)

It was a airsoft arena, but it seems like it’s not shut down.

Nihon Koatsu Concrete Saitama Plant (Map link)

Decade (21), Drive (36), Ryuki (26), Bioman (5), Flashman (4), Sun Vulcan (42) & OOO (8)

Yokohama Port Symbol Tower (Map link)

Go-Onger (19), Fourze (28) & Zi-O (40)

Double (Movie War Core) & Ex-Aid (10)

Some of the overpasses have been used for many scenes too.

Yume-no-ohashi Bridge (Map link)✅

Build (46), Double (49) & Dekaranger (50)

The bridge is walking distance from the following location.

Mizunohiroba Park (Map link)

Ex-Aid (28), Ninninger (14) & Ghost (24)

Ex-Aid (28)

Under the bridge is also occasionally used.

Sakuragaoka Seisen Memorial Hall (Map link)

Gavan (5), Goggle V (37) & Kamen Rider (XX)

Although it hasn’t been used in a while, it was used extensively in the Showa period, specifically as Shocker’s hideout.

Lockheart Castle (Map link) ❌✅

Kakuranger (45), Ex-Aid (2), Garo Makai Senki (9) & Zyuohger (41)

The castle was originally built in 1829 in Scotland and later transferred to Japan. It’s now open to the public and offers a Princess Experience, so you can put on a dress and do a photoshoot. JAM Project has filmed a music video here too.

Hanyu City Industrial and Cultural Hall (Map link)

Ex-Aid (40)

Outlet Mall Rism Underground Car park (Map link)

Zi-O (13), Gekiranger (31), Ex-Aid (37), Ghost (37) & Ninninger (42)

Hatsudai Tamai Hospital Studio (Map link) ❌✅

Ex-Aid (3 & 45) & Lupinranger Vs. Patranger (13)

An old hospital now used as a studio for television and film. As with all defunct hospitals, there are rumors that it’s haunted.

Meisei University (Map link)

Zi-O (31), Kyuranger (XX), Zi-O (17) & Heisei Generations Final

Lupinranger Vs. Patranger (15) & Zi-O (17)

Heisei Generations Forever

Tokorozawa Aviation Memorial Park (Map link) ✅✅

Boukenger (26), Ghost )6), Gokaiger (24) & Kabuto (18)

Tokorozawa Civic Cultural Centre Muse (Map link) ✅✅

Gaim (18), Kuuga (6), Gokaiger (14) & Timeranger (16)

Pacifico Yokohama (Map link) ✅✅

Gaim (2 & 26)

Shinagawa Aquarium (Map link)

Drive (11) & Kuuga (6)

Ibaraki Prefecture Government Building (Map link)

Ex-Aid (45), Go-Busters (29), Ex-Aid (45), Go-Onger (30) & OOO (48)

The front of the building and main entrance.

Shinkenger (1), Decade (3), Ex-Aid (1) & Kyoryuger (21)

That white lined wall.

Fourze (25), Wizard (2), Ninninger (12), Go-Busters (14), Zyuohger (22) & Wizard (40)

The outdoor area that is next to the white lined wall.

Build (1) & Double (1)

The cafe area that was home to the Pandora’s Box, as well as the final moments of Skull…

Build (1)

25th-floor observation deck. Where the line “continuing the conversation at the nearby hotel” was uttered.

Lupinranger Vs. Patranger (5)

Some escalators leading in from the lower entrance. Used in LuPat as an airport (pictured above).

Wizard (46), Zyuohger (6), Gaim (17), Fourze & OOO Megamax, Double & W Movie Taisen, Zi-O (28) & Gaim (17)

The car park of the building.

Oya History Museum (Map link)

Ex-Aid (34), Go-Busters (32), Jinga (11) & Ex-Aid (43)

This has been used for a number of shows, but most people know it as the version of Mars seen in Build It’s actually an interesting museum to visit, regardless of its tokusatsu connections.

Atsugi AXT Main Tower (Map link)

Drive (36), Kyuranger (45) & ToQger (13)

Zenko Temple (Map link)

Decade (3) & Kabuto (33)

The Hell Brothers seem to really like it here, it’s the place of their first appearance in both Kabuto & Decade.

Daiwa Sumitomo Harbor (Map link)

Akibaranger S2 (3), Ex-Aid (22) & Build (5)

Nissan Stadium (Map link)

Drive (8)

Urayama Dam (Map link)

Drive (41), Wizard (34), Kyoryuger (22), ToQger (4) & Kiva (40)

Faiz (30), Den-O (40) & Kiva (39)

Tokorozawa Aviation Memorial Park (Map link)

Boukenger (26), Faiz (18), Gokaiger (24) & Wizard (12)

Kanetsu Expressway Iruma River Bridge (Map link)

ToQger (22), Gaim (6), Ghost (3), Zyuogher (23) & Gokaiger (28)

ALSOK Gunma Budoukan (Map link)

Zi-O (45), Super Hero Taisen, Ex-Aid (19) & Grease (V-Cinema)

Kyuranger (35), Build (37) & Ex-Aid (19)

Makuhari Messe Event Hall (Map link)

Double (1) & Ryuki (1)

Aqua Studio (Map link)

Kyuranger (20), GARO: KAMI NO KIBA, Blade (35) & Wizard (35)

Toei Filming Studios

Front Gate

ToQger (38), Lupinranger Vs. Patranger (11) & Akibaranger (6)

Oomori Hill

Akibaranger Season 2 (XX), ToQger (17), Changeman (24), Kyuranger (10), Ex-Aid (12), Ninninger Ending Dance training video, Zero-One (2), Zi-O (36) & Battle Fever J (25)

Car Park

Drive/Ninninger Special, Build (XX), Ghost (41), Gokaiger (33), Akibaranger (6) & Lupinranger Vs. Patranger (11)

Outside studio lots

Zero-One (12 & 13)


Kyuranger Episode of Stinger, Hero Mama League, Kabuto (XX) & Rider Time Ryuki (2)

Back Alleystairs

Build: Be The One, Double Nobody’s Perfect MV, Zi-O (19) & Jinga (5)

m BAY POINT Makuhari (Map link)

ToQger (xx) & Zero-One (2)

F2 Plant (Map link)

Lupinranger Vs. Patranger (5)

Metropolitan Area Underground Discharge Channel (Map link) ❌✅

Ghost (21), Decade (16), Faiz (50) & Kyuranger (46)

Ghost (21), Decade (16), Faiz (50) & Kyuranger (46)

The humongous underground area with sprawling brick pillars is shows off its’s sheer scale. You might know it from the finale of Kamen Rider Faiz, as well as the Clock Up fight scene in Decade’s Kabuto arc. Unfortunately, it is only open to the public twice a year.

Gaim (22)

Takahagi Paper Mill Ruins (Map link) ❌✅

Gokaiger (1), Ninninger (XX), Ghost (22), Go-Busters (Animal Sentai V-Cinema), Den-O (XX), Decade (27), Drive (7), Ninninger (49) & ToQger (48)

Whenever the world goes to hell and the villains are attacking in full force, the ruins of a paper mill in Takahagi in Ibaraki are their main choice. It was used as a regular location for the Ganma world in Ghost. They also used this location to film the live-action Attack on Titans movie.

Ashiyama Water Purification Plant (Map link)

Kyuranger (29), Ex-Aid (41), Ghost (2) & Drive/Ninninger Special

This place was also the main setting for the wonderful movie, One Cut of the Dead (check it out, you won’t regret it!).

Hanazono Room (Map link)

GARO: Kami No Kiba (Movie), Drive & Ninninger (TV special) & Fourze (3)

These three are the same location, each room is drastically different from the next.

CAFE TYCOON (Map link)

Wizard (17), OOO (11) & Double (22)

Who would have thought a cafe in the middle of a shipyard with no one around would close?

Akutsu Water Treatment Center (Map link)


Build (9), Zi-O (41) & Zyuohger (V-Cinema)

Super Sentai locations


Studio Sagacho Blyus (Map link)

Timeranger (2)

Tomorrow Research from Timeranger.


BAR CRUSH (Map link)

Abaranger (2)


Former Residence and Garden of Lord Hotta (Map link)

Shinkenger (1)

The Shiba household that is kept by the kuroko.


Maebashishi Suido Center (Map link)

Goseiger (3)

The Amachi Astronomical Institute from the show.


Foot Rest (Map link)

Kyoryuger (1)

The randomly appearing restaurant, Tiger Boy.

Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum
(Map link)

The museum used for the opening and ending of Kyoyryuger.


Takami Senseki Memorial site (Map link)

Ninninger (3)

The home of the Ninningers.

Chiba Castle (Map link)

From the Ninninger ending, it’s not actually a real castle.


Santa Hills (Map link)

Zyuohger (2)

The tree house home of the Zyuohgers.


Wankara Ikebukuro (Map link)

Kyuranger (3)

Part of the inside of the Orion ship is actually a space themed karaoke place!

Hamagin Space Science Center (Map link)

Kyuranger (11)

Lupinranger Vs. Patranger

Paty Cafe (Map link)

Lupinranger Vs. Patranger (1)

Take a trip to the Lupinranger’s BISTRO Jurer, but watch your wallet as its’ hot spot for thieves. The inside is actually a set at Toei studios, but the bistro does Lupinranger themed food.

Venus Fort (Map link)

Venus Fort is home to where Lupin Yellow’s friend is shown to be killed in episode 2. It’s also situated near the giant Gundam in Odaiba.

Kamen Rider locations

Kamen Rider Kuuga

Coffee House Rupo (Map link)

The Pole Pole cafe from Kuuga.

Kamen Rider Ryuki

Ogikubo Office Studio (Map link)

Home to the offices of ORE Journal.

Haikaraya Cafe (Map link)

Atori, the coffee shop run by Sanako Kanzaki.

Kamen Rider Faiz

Hakuyousha Cleaners (Map link)

Faiz (5)

This is the Kikuchi Family Dry Cleaners from Kamen Rider Faiz. It’s a real dry cleaner that’s still running, so if you spill something on your trip, you can get it cleaned here.

Tokyo Opera City (Map link)

Faiz (5)

Tokyo Opera City AKA the Smart Brain corporation building.

Bar Deep Blue Roppongi (Map link)

The secret base of the Lucky Clover club from Kamen Rider Faiz. Despite being in a high-end area and luxurious interior, the bar is now closed.

Kamen Rider Blade

Kitchen Cafe Cranbon (Map link)

Blade (3) & Zi-O (29)

Take a trip to Blade’s Jacaranda Cafe, no guarantee that Hajime or other Undead will be there though.

Jingu Gaien Ginkgo Avenue (Map link)


No spoilers, but if you’ve seen the finale of Kamen Rider Blade, you should recognize a certain bench here.

Kamen Rider Hibiki

Muramura (Map link)


Kamen Rider Kabuto

Hengenjizai (Map link)

The Bistro La Salle from Kamen Rider Kabuto. It’s also the same location they used for Tendou posing in front of Tokyo Tower shot. The inside is totally different.

Cordia Alley Azabu (Map link)

Kabuto (4)

The home of the man treading the path of Heaven, Souji Tendou. It used to be used for weddings, but now, I’m not entirely sure what it’s used for.

Tokyo University of Technology (Map link) ❌✅

Kabuto (7)

The first appearance of The Bee.

Kamen Rider Den-O

Taiyouken (Map link)

The Milk Dipper from Den-O.

Kamen Rider Kiva

Gallery & Cafe Aroma (Map link)

Kiva (1)

Kamen Rider Decade

Suzuki Photography (Map link)

The Hikari Photo Studio from Decade, or at least for the first episode. It’s permanently closed.

Kamen Rider Double

Kyutsurukawaza (Map link)

Narumi Detective Agency, ready to take any Dopant related crime. Or at least it used to be, the building that was used for the exterior shots has now sadly been pulled down.

Kamen Rider OOO

Trattoria Kaname (Map link)

OOO (3)

Cous Coussier from OOO. It’s actually an Italian fusion restaurant.

Kamen Rider Fourze

Takasaki University of Commerce(Map link)

Fourze (4)

JAXA Tsukuba Space Center(Map link)

Fourze (OP)

I’m sure it’s not the first time someone has gone inside and screamed “IT’S SPACE TIME!”

Kamen Rider Wizard

Gallery Miura (Map link)

Wizard (4)

A jewelry shop that sells supposed real magic rings.

Kamen Rider Gaim

Old Brick Warehouse of the Commercial Bank of Honjo (Map link)

Gaim (34)

The Team Gaim Base. It was originally built over 120 years ago and was used in the silk production and financial business, however now it serves as a multi-purpose location, hosting events, etc. Just be sure not to eat any fruits you find…

UR DELTA (Map link)

The hip happenin’ place of Zawame City’s dance troupes, and where they get their fill on fruit cocktails. (it’s actually a fancy Harajuku salon)

Ota Sasazuka Ishigaki Ruins(Map link) ❌✅

Gaim (29 & 31)

The once full of life planet is now overtaken by the invasive forestation…

Oak Wood (Map link)

The Charmant, run by the flamboyant patisserie Oren Pierre Alfonzo.

Kamen Rider Ghost

Kogonji (Map link)

Ghost (1)

It’s a two for one, you can visit a real shrine and tick off a filming location on your bucket list!

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid

Chiba-Nishi General Hospital (Map link)

Ex-Aid (2)

If you’re feeling like you have a case of the game virus, this place has a specialized department for you.

Villas des Mariages Utsunomiya (Map link)

Ex-Aid (32)

The first appearance of Kamen Rider Cronus and his time stopping abilities.

Kamen Rider Build

You Sing – Magu (Map link)

Build (1)

The cafe nascita from Build. The coffee might actually be drinkable there. It’s also a karaoke bar.

Oura Symbol Tower MiRAi (Map link)

Build (OP)

NTT Musashino Center (Map link)

The Touto Institute of Advanced Matter Physics from Kamen Rider Build.

Higashi Saitama REUSE Center (Map link)

Build (39)

The first Genius Form transformation.

Yuhinooka Viewing Platform (Map link)

Build (49)

The last shot from Kamen Rider Build’s climactic ending. The location is within Toritsu Sakuragaoka Park.

Kamen Rider Zi-O

Senkiya (Map link)

Zi-O (1)

It’s a clock repair shop, but serves a real nice coffee (but it’s not a coffee shop).

Kawaguchi Comprehensive Cultural Center Lilia (Map link)

Zi-O (17)

Kamen Rider Shinobi’s introduction in Zi-O.

Asahiyamatenbo Park (Map link)

Zi-O (47)

Tsukasa quite enjoyed hanging out in this park in Zi-O.

Tochigi Kenkounomori (Map link)

Zi-O (49)

The final episode of Zi-O where Sougo finally transformed into Ohma Zi-O.

Kamen Rider Zero-One

Beisia Headquarters (Map link)

Zero-One (2)

    The outside of Hiden Intelligence. The sprawling skyscraper was made in post-production.

I've been floating around doing various things in the fandom for the past decade. Now living in Japan, writing news articles and occasionally starring in a show as "Only white guy in the background".



  1. Jay

    November 21, 2019 at 11:01 pm

    I think it would be cool to see locations from stuff outside of Sentai or Rider, like Ultraman for instance.

    It’s also pretty cool how y’all put in all this effort for an epic article.


    • Tom Constantine

      November 26, 2019 at 3:39 am

      I was originally hoping to include a number of shows, but the amount used in Sentai/Rider was so huge, I haven’t been able to get to it yet. I will do soon! Thanks.

  2. Nick Ho

    November 23, 2019 at 3:19 am

    Hi, thank you so much for posting this as I was just asking and searching for these locations about a month ago. I will be visiting Japan next year so I definitely would want to visit at least one of these locations (that are publicly allowed to visit of course). Thank you!

  3. Vickie Marlin

    November 25, 2019 at 6:07 pm

    Great list! I wish I had this three years ago when I was planning my first trip to Japan; I had to find so many of them on my own. Still looking for one specific location: Used in PatvLup (when people were split into three) and in KR Kabuto (TheBee made its debut there). It looks like it is a rotunda with a four golden/female statutes, not sure if there is a fountain or not. Anyone know where this is located??

    • Tom Constantine

      November 26, 2019 at 3:41 am

      The location is Tokyo University of Technology, which I have added to the Kabuto section. When I get time, I’ll add to the other times it’s been used!

  4. Elvis Costa

    March 9, 2020 at 9:13 pm

    man, I grew up watching tokusatsu, sentai and metal heroes late 80´s and 90´s. I am going to go to Japan next summer, and I intend to visit some places. I was thinking about visiting first The Saitama´s rock, I don´t know if it´s going to be possible, but If I only could get closer to this place, I will be the happiest man in this world. Thanks for this site. I really loved it, congrats for this good Job Bro. piece.

  5. Juan

    November 7, 2020 at 11:05 am

    Is Yori Daiei Kougyou the place where Decade asks Woz who he’s talking to?

  6. tenryuta

    November 9, 2020 at 1:19 pm

    the kurenai home from kiva isnt here, /sadface
    thanks for the rest too

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