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TokuNet Staff Members Tony, Tom, Nicole (former memeber), and Kuni

Launched in January 2014 with Paula Gaetos, the Tokusatsu Network is comprised of various individuals from different avenues who have come together to provide quality tokusatsu news coverage.

Editorial Board

Jorge Salas (Managing Editor)

Yasin Bulhan (Senior Editor)
Twitter: @KeitaiOkami

K. Komiyama | Filadelfo (Lead Translator)
Twitter: @killadelfo

Kevin Nguyen (Editor)

Writing Team

Malunis (Copy Editor, Staff Writer)

Josh Saucedo (Staff Writer)

Brody Salzman (Staff Writer)

Charlie Li (Staff Writer)

Nerissa Mercer (Staff Writer)

Jackson Gibbens (Staff Writer)

Alex Hartzog (Staff Writer)

Joshua Lee (Staff Writer)

Translation Team

Robin Caine (Translator, Staff Writer)

Kaylyn Saucedo (Translator, Staff Writer)

Advertising Team

Ryan Firestine (Social Media Manager, Staff Writer)

YouTube Team

Kazuaki Fujiwatali (Talent Coordinator, YouTube Channel)
Twitter: @mototanthosya

Max Ellis (Video Editor)

Podcast Team

Daniel Bruins (Podcast Editor)

Design Team

Travis Butts (Graphics Designer, Staff Writer)

Logos and Graphics by Mike Dent and Emily Sansom


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