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New Information About Another Gene Ultraman Comic Announced


New Information About Another Gene Ultraman Comic Announced

The Another Gene protagonist holding his transformation device, with Belial and Geed's face to the left and right of him (respectively). To the right is the Another Gene logo. Another is red and Gene is Blue)

The Another Gene comic is releasing exclusively on Tsuburaya Imagination in July 2022. It also features characters and plot points from the Ultraman Geed light novels which are releasing in April 2022. 

Tsuburaya Productions has announced new information surrounding the Another Gene comic. Another Gene takes place after the end of the Ultraman Geed TV series and depicts the rise of the next generation of heroes. The comic releases some time in July 2022 exclusively on the Tsuburaya Imagination website. Additionally, a prequel light novel based on the Ultraman Geed series releases on April 4, 2022, on the same platform.

The Geed light novel releases in three parts, each releasing on the second Friday each month. Tsuburaya Imagination is Tsuburaya’s online platform that allows viewers to watch many shows or read many books from across Tsuburaya’s history.

Famous Japanese illustration team Gurihiru will be working on the Another Gene project. Gurihiru is also known for their work on American comics books and graphic novels like Power Pack and Avatar: The Last Airbender. The team has also worked with Tsuburaya on other Ultraman projects in the past. In the Another Gene announcement, Tsuburaya highlighted Gurihiru’s work on various anime and video game character designs.

To go along with this series of related releases, Tsuburaya is also releasing a column called “Tatsuomi Hamada’s New Ultra EYE!” on Tsuburaya Imagination. The column is framed as a dialogue between Tatsuomi Hamada who portrayed Riku Asakura in Ultraman Geed, and Junichiro Tsuburaya, the artist behind the original Ultraman comics. New Ultra EYE! Releases on March 25, 2022, also on Tsuburaya Imagination.

Standard subscriptions for Tsuburaya Imagination are ¥550 a month after taxes. Users can also purchase a premium subscription which is ¥21,780 per year and gives them access to premium content like special live events. 

Source: Tsuburaya

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