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Ultraman Z Cast Presentation Recap


Ultraman Z Cast Presentation Recap

Team TokuNet recaps Tsuburaya’s live stream presentation featuring Ultraman Z‘s cast.

The event began with the introduction of the show’s main director and story creator, Kiyotaka Taguchi, followed by the main cast, Koshu Hirano, who plays Haruki Natsukawa, Takaya Aoyagi (Ultraman Orb), who plays Shota Hebikura, Jun Hashizume, who plays Kojiro Inaba, Rima Matsuda, who plays Yoko Nakashima, Rihito Noda (Kamen Rider Zi-O), who plays Shinya Kaburagi,  and Hisashiro Ogura (Kamen Rider Wizard), who plays Director Kuriyama.

Following the cast and director introduction, Taguchi talked about the show’s head writer, Kota Fukihara, who passed away on May 17th from a brain hemorrhage at the age of 37. The two have knew each other for about two years and Fukihara had spent the last ten months working on scripts for the show. Taguchi has previously mentioned the show’s ending was written before anything else so as to have a clear understand of where the story is leading towards.

Special mention was made of the cast and staff working hard to deliver Fukihara’s message through the show to its fans, hoping that their efforts to make the show a success would also reach Fukihara in heaven.

Viewers were then treated to an “Ultraman Z Special Movie” showcasing the theme song for the first time as well as giving a short introduction to the series story, which sees Haruki merge with Z after being injured piloting the giant robot, Sevengar. Tsuburaya later released an English subtitled version of the special movie.

The special movie also showed Ultraman Geed‘s Tatsuomi Hamada reprising his character as well as using Ultraman Z’s transformation item to access a new form.

The show’s cast members also took turns using the main transformation item, the Ultra Z Riser, to perform the title character’s transformation.

Masaki Endoh and Nami Tamaki, who will perform the show’s opening and ending themes, “Chant My Name!” and “Connect the Truth” were also interviewed and talked about their joy in being able to participate in the Ultra series.

Ultraman Z will premiere on June 20th at 9 AM on TV Tokyo.

Source: Ultraman Official Youtube channel, Special Movie 

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