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Bandai Offers Stay-at-Home Hero Certificate on Website


Bandai Offers Stay-at-Home Hero Certificate on Website

Bandai offers a printable certificate to make children feel like heroes during the current pandemic, as part of their Hero at Home campaign. 

Bandai has been running a campaign in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, entitled Hero at Home. The campaign focuses on Kamen Rider Zero-OneMashin Sentai Kiramager, and Healin’ Good PreCure.

The most notable inclusion is a printable certificate for parents to present to their children, declaring them as heroes for staying safe inside – the names of the recipient and signature can be customized, with “Mama / Papa” used as an example of the latter.

The certificate reads:

We hereby identify you as a stay-at-home hero. Please continue to help everyone around you as a hero with a heart of justice and kindness.

This campaign also included a few contests to win DX toys from these current series, as well as taking comments from viewers. Some of the comments include:


My 4-year-old brother turned into Kirama Red with the Kirama Changer, my 2-year-old brother is using a Zero-One Driver to turn into Kamen Rider Zero-One, and my mother becomes a bad guy to play out a battle. When eating, she says “Vegetables and meat are the source of power, and the bad guys will eat them if you leave them.”

I’ve been watching Kamen Rider all the time, but now I’m crazy about Kiramager. As a child who loves drawing, I’m happy that it’s also Kirama Red’s hobby.

I’m a girl, but I love Sentai, and imitating transformations while screaming with my body moving around like crazy! I also love the ending dance, and I invite them saying “Mama, let’s dance together” and we dance together!


I love Cure Fontaine, and when it comes to the special move scene, I often imitate it and enjoy it! I sometimes sing the opening of Healin’ Good PreCure even when I’m playing on other days, so it seems like I listen to it fairly often!

I love Cure Fontaine, and I play with the Fontaine decoration on my hair. It is customary to wear a handmade Fontaine mask when going out!

I’m always been playing Cure Sparkle since morning. Mama is Cure Grace, Daddy is Cure Fontaine and Byougens – my family runs around the house (^^) Thanks to my family, the lack of exercise at home has been solved!


She’s the type of girl who doesn’t play games at all, but when she peeks into the room because she thinks it’s quiet, she smiles while watching Zero-One and Kiramager. I think this is how my daughter enjoys them.

I love Zero-One and look forward to it every week! I say “It can only beee Aruto!” with Aruto-kun, and “Uuuuaaaahhh!!” with Vulcan when he opens the Progrise Key…! I love when Humagear Gut-Busting Taro says “Gut power!!” The dream of his son’s future is to become a person who makes others laugh – thanks to Zero-One, I have achieved wonderful goals and am growing more everyday!

Fuwa is my first love!

Source: Bandai

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