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Ultraman Geed Passes the Torch in “Grand Finale”


Ultraman Geed Passes the Torch in “Grand Finale”

A special moment happened during the grand finale showing of the Ultraman Geed movie.

Tatsuomi Hamada, who plays Riku Hamada, Ultraman Geed and Yuta Ozawa, who plays the human host of Ultraman Zero, Reito Igaguri, were at the event alongside messages from Hideo Ishiguro, who plays Gai Kurenai, Ultraman Orb, and Takaya Aoyagi, who plays Jugglus Juggler.

The event served as the “grand finale” to Geed‘s time as the current representative of the franchise and each star was asked about their thoughts on their time as part of Ultraman over the last year and a half.

Ozawa said he was able to learn a lot during his time on the show and that working hard will make his dreams come true. Ozawa, whose character is a salaryman, also joked that he thinks business will be good from now on.

Hamada said his time as Geed gave him irreplaceable pieces of hope in his life that, no matter what, he will also be Ultraman. Hamada hopes to work hard every day just as Riku worked hard to protect the people of earth. The crowd gave a hardy “standing around not doing anything won’t get us anywhere!”, Geed’s catchphrase.

Also appearing were the stars of the newest Ultraman show, Ultraman R/B. Yuya Hirata, who plays Katsumi Minato, Ultraman Rosso, and Ryosuke Koike, who plays Isami Minato, Ultraman Blu, appeared alongside their transformed counterparts.

Hamada said he was happy to now have become a senior Ultraman and spoke to the newest stars of the Ultra series, telling them that “family is an important thing,” and hoping they “engrave the feelings of brotherhood on their chests,” saying he’ll support them from now on.

The two stars of Ultraman Geed also gave their successors surprise gifts.

Just as Hamada received an autographed copy of Gai Kurenai’s trademark black leather jacket when he took over, Hamada gave the incoming stars autographed versions of his jean jacket.

After Hamada gave his gifts, “Ultraman Zero” appeared and took over Ozawa, voiced by Mamoru Miyano. The incoming stars then each received a signed copy of the Zeroslugger, Zero’s trademark weapon.

Yuya Hirata was given a chance to speak and said he was delighted to be at the grand finale and that feeling the love of Ultraman has given him something to hold tight. Ryosuke Koike said “I’m happy, but I’m also speechless at the moment. Everyone has such passionate feelings for Ultraman Geed and I look forward to how we’re accepted, I’m a little worried but I hope you enjoy us as Ultraman R/B!”.

All four actors then transformed on stage with their Ultraman appearing before then.

Ozawa and Hamada then gave their full thoughts.


“It seems like tears are starting to come, maybe it’s because I’m a little sensitive. I came to this series called Ultraman about one year and three months ago and received so much courage. We were able to deliver something wonderful to viewers with everyone’s cooperation. There’s a difference in age between myself and Riku, I don’t think we would have gotten to know each other under normal circumstances. I realized that there are some bonds that can be strengthened only through an experience such as this. I think the bonds we grew during this production will continue on from now. I sincerely hope to grow with all of you and am so thankful for everything!”


“I wasn’t actually planning on crying. I was nervous at first but hoped that I could grow. Over the last year and three months, I grew and I think this will be irreplaceable for me in the future. The six characters in “Ultraman” (in Katakana, ウルトラマン) represent my meeting with everyone. I think we can all walk along the same path while the “Riku” within you continues to grow. The last year and three months were packed. I will continue to do my best as everyone watches over me. Thank you very much.”

Source: Tsuburaya Station

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