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Ultraman Orb Grand Finale Press Event Bids Farewell to Orb and Welcomes Geed


Ultraman Orb Grand Finale Press Event Bids Farewell to Orb and Welcomes Geed


This past weekend, a press event was held for the Ultraman Orb movie featuring Ultraman Geed’s Tatsuomi Hamada as a special guest.

The grand finale press event for Ultraman Orb The Movie: Lend Me The Power of Bonds featured some of the cast of Ultraman Orb and a surprise guest, Tatsuomi Hamada, who will play Riku Asakura in the upcoming Ultraman Geed.

With more than 800 fans in attendance, the event started with Something Search People’s Jetta (played by Takahashi Naoto) and Shin (played by Nerio Hiroaki) getting the crowd excited, calling out for Orb as Kurenai Gai (played by Hideo Ishiguro) and Jugglus Juggler (played by Aoyagi Takaya) came on stage.


Ishiguro expressed his feelings about his role in Orb: “It all happened with just a single word as we frantically made it. We look back and think about the hero who fought borrowing the power of everyone. ‘Orb’ is a series that was unusually well received by fans. We told everything with this series. We wanted to bring this series to everyone and show how much we wanted to convey to fans that feeling.”


During the event, Ishiguro gave Hamada a replica jacket of Kurenai Gai signed by the cast of Orb, welcoming the new Ultraman. Hamada stood next to Ishiguro, thanking him, “Orb, thank you for your hard work. I will do my best as Geed, so please support me. I will do my best for everyone.”


The event ended with the cast meeting fans of all ages, saying goodbye to Ultraman Orb and welcoming Ultraman Geed.


Ultraman Geed premieres on July 8th in Japan at 9:00 AM on TV Tokyo.

Source: Mantan Web, Tsuburaya Station

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