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Complete Selection Modification Kaixa Gear Details Announced


Complete Selection Modification Kaixa Gear Details Announced


Premium Bandai, in celebration of Kaixa Day, revealed the contents and functions of the Complete Selection Modification Kaixa Gear.

Previously announced last month, Bandai has gone all out on Kaixa Day to ensure that any fan of the Kamen Rider 555 character will get the item they’ve always wanted. Much like the previously released Faiz Gear, the Kaixa Gear includes all of the weapons and units used by Kamen Rider Kaixa throughout the series. The set in total includes the Kaixa Driver, the full Kaixa Blaygun, the Kaixa Shot, the Kaixa Pointer, and all respectable holders for each accessory.

The Kaixa Driver, much like the Faiz Driver, features a robust set of sounds and features. The sounds are contained in the Kaixa Phone, which features a full functioning number pad that can activate nine different sound effects via different number inputs. Unlike the original DX release, however, the toy sports a new BGM button that will play either “Kaixa”, “Side Basher” or “EGO~eyes glazing over” from the series. The Kaixa Phone also contains phrases from Kusaka, Mari, and Keitaro.

The Kaixa Blaygun is the most impressive upgrade of the bunch. The toy itself is significantly larger than its DX counterpart, clocking in at 87cm long with the blade unit attached. The blade unit itself is home to several LEDs that glow in time with the sound effects of the Kaixa Blaygun. As an added bonus, a small projection of an Orphenoc shoots from the barrel of the toy to act as a target of your attack. The Kaixa Pointer features a similar function, instead displaying a yellow X, the symbol of Kaixa.

The Kaixa Blaygun, the Kaixa Pointer, and the Kaixa Shot all wirelessly interact with the Kaixa Driver to activate their respective Exceed Charge finishing sounds via the included Mission Memory located on the Kaixa Phone. When inserted into the other accessories, it will initiate that respective attack. Between the leg holder for the Kaixa Pointer, and the additional belt pieces for the Kaixa Blaygun and Kaixa Shot, all pieces of the Kaixa Gear can be stored when worn.

The Complete Selection Modification Kaixa Gear is currently available for preorder for ¥48,600 before fees and shipping. The Kaixa Gear will release in March 2018. Alternatively, for fans seeking just the belt, the Complete Selection Kaixa Driver is sold separately for ¥17,280.

SourcePremium Bandai

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