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Shine Announces Adorable Godzilla Humidifier


Shine Announces Adorable Godzilla Humidifier


Japanese product company, Shine, announced the release of a Godzilla shaped humidifier that shoots steam from its mouth.

The humidifier is designed as a chibi style rendition of Godzilla from 1992’s Godzilla vs. Mothra. Godzilla features a soft blue LED in its mouth to illuminate the steam that shoots from it, mimicking the “atomic breath” Godzilla is known for. Finally, it will also feature an iconic Godzilla roar whenever it activates! Prolific illustrator Shinji Nishikawa, known for his work in many recent Godzilla and Ultraman series, will be doing the packaging art for the humidifier.

The Godzilla themed humidifier will release on November 17, 2017, to commemorate the release of the first of three animated Godzilla films. It will retail for ¥7,538 before shipping and is currently available for preorder via the Godzilla Store. Fans outside of Japan will have to use their favorite middleman or proxy buying service if they want to get their hands on this adorable humidifier.

SourceAnime News Network, Godzilla Store

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