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Tokusatsu Alumni To Attend Florida Supercon

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Tokusatsu Alumni To Attend Florida Supercon

Toku Spirits and U7 Media have announced that various  Super Sentai and Kamen Rider alumni will attend Florida Supercon in July 2024. 

Toku Spirits and U7 Media have announced that they will host various tokusastu alumni for Florida Supercon in Miami in July 2024. The first guest announced is Yasuhisa Furuhara, from Engine Sentai Go-Onger (2008). Furuhara is known for his portrayal of Sosuke Esumi/Go-On Red, the leader of the Go-Ongers.

Furuhara has gone on to host a talk series on his YouTube channel interviewing other tokusatsu alumni (with English subtitles).

In his first American convention appearance,  Shinji Kasahara, from Mirai Sentai TimeRanger (2000) and GARO: Red Requiem (2010) will also attend Miami Supercon. Kasahara portrayed Naoto Takizawa/TimeFire in TimeRanger, as well as Kenichi Kurusu in GARO. Recently, Kasahara portrayed Kousei Kurama/Kamen Rider Gya-go in Kamen Rider Geats (2022-2023).

Mirai Sentai TimeRanger and Kamen Rider Geats are currently available to stream for free on the Tubi streaming service and Shout! Factory TV. Both series are available to order in physical media format as well.

Along with Kasahara, Hidenori Tokuyama from Kamen Rider Kabuto (2006) and Engine Sentai Go-Onger (2008) will also be making his first American convention appearance. Tokuyama is known for his portrayal of So Yagurama/Kamen Rider TheBee and Kamen Rider KickHopper, as well as Hiroto Sutou/Go-On Gold.

Tokuyama would later reprise both of his tokusatsu roles in the Heisei Kamen Rider anniversary series Kamen Rider Zi-O and Engine Sentai Go-Onger: 10 Years Grand Prix.

Florida Supercon will be held in Miami at the Miami Beach Convention Center from July 12th to July 14th, 2024. Limited mail items and autographs are available to order for non-attendees, as well as exclusive VIP dinners with the guests, through the U7 Media website.

Source: U7 Media Official X Account (formerly known as Twitter)

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