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Tokusatsu Guests and Fans Make Their Way to Monsterpalooza 2017


Tokusatsu Guests and Fans Make Their Way to Monsterpalooza 2017


Monsterpalooza, the premiere convention for horror and special effect film community, celebrated its 9th year as an annual live event at the Pasadena Convention Center on the second weekend in April 2017. 

On the weekend of April 7-9th, horror and special effect film fans and professionals descended on the Pasadena Convention Center for Monsterpalooza, the bi-annual convention celebrating the “art of monsters and movie magic.”

Like the previous year, Monsterpalooza not only boasted guests such as actress, Linda Blair (The Exorcist) and special effects make-up and creature designer, Steve Wang (Guyver, Predator), they also hosted notable toksuatsu guests, Keita Amemiya and Mizuho Yoshida.

Amemiya is best known as the creator of the tokusatsu series, GARO, as well as his work as a prolific creature designer and director. His work includes series such as JetmanZeiram, Shin Kamen Rider, and Kamen Rider Black.

Yoshida is an accomplished suit actor for both live-action film and video games. Both he and Amemiya worked together on Zeiram, with Yoshida in the titular suit. Yoshida is also specifically known for playing Godzilla in the 2001 Millennium film.

Though no official panel was held for these notable guests, both were available to Monsterpalooza attendees at large and received a very warm welcome as both posed for photos, signed fan merchandise, and spoke with fans and reporters alike. Amemiya was also available for signed commissions, which pleased many a tokusatsu fan, especially those who love his intricate and alluring designs.

Kaijucast, a podcast dedicated to all things Godzilla and kaiju film that started in 2009, also sat down with Mizuho Yoshida to discuss his work as Godzilla and Zeiram, which can be found on their site and on iTunes.

The Tokusatsu Network was also able to briefly chat with both Amemiya and Yoshida at Monsterpalooza and will be posted to our YouTube channel shortly.

Monsterpalooza’s second event, Son of Monsterpalooza, will be held in the fall in Burbank, CA from September 15-17.

Library professional, co-host of the Comfort Society podcast, and Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Tokusatsu Network from 2014 to 2018.

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