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Cast of Kamen Rider Amazons Interviewed at Season 2 Premiere Event


Cast of Kamen Rider Amazons Interviewed at Season 2 Premiere Event


The cast of Kamen Rider Amazons Season 2 commented about themselves and their characters’ appearances at a premiere event in Tokyo this past week.

Japanese pop culture news site Natalie attended a premiere event for Kamen Rider Amazons Season 2, held on March 30th at Tokyo’s Akiba Theater. The first two episodes of the second season were given an advanced screening at the event. Five members of the series’ Extermination Team also made an appearance. In attendance were Mitsutoshi Shundo who plays Makoto Shido, Ryouta Kobayashi who plays Mamoru, Katsuya who plays Kazuya Misaki, Kanon Miyahara who plays Nozomi Takai, and Kazuya Tanabe who plays Kota Fukuda.

Season two takes place five years after the events of the first season. In this new season, the character Kota Fukuda has joined a new team called 4C. Shundo comments on these new events saying, “Fukuda working for 4C is the same as working for the Extermination Team. But it’s not just about killing Amazons for money. There’s a more human element.”

The character Mamoru left the Extermination Team at the end of the first season. Commenting on this, Kobayashi stated, “I’ll say only this, it’s been a long time since he wore the Extermination Team’s uniform.”

The cast made comments about the leading roles in both season one and season two of the series. In regards to Tom Fujita (Haruka Mizusawa / Kamen Rider Amazon Omega) and Masashi Taniguchi (Jin Takayama / Kamen Rider Amazon Alpha) as well as season two’s You Maejima (Chihiro / Kamen Rider Amazon Neo), Shundo joked and laughed stating, “All the lead actors are already cute. Guess we’ll never get a lead role.” Kobayashi attempted to defend the actors in the event by saying, “We’re cool!” However Shundo replied, “We’re cool, but in an unsophisticated way.”

Getting personal, Kobayashi revealed to the audience that he is an extremely lonely person. However, Katsuya gave kind words about his costar saying, “I think you have the same leader spirit as Shido. And it’s thanks to him that we have an Extermination Team.” Kobayashi only fired back with, “Makoto is too flawless and boring!” Kobayashi was still in high school during the filming of the first season. Shudo recalls of the filming during that time, “On the scene he had this clean notebook with things like, ‘There’s a test tomorrow’ written in it. So that he had all that and the performance dialogue in his head… I want to follow his example.”

Actress and cast member Miyahara has her 21st birthday coming up on April 8th. She stated at the event that she also wanted to grow in her acting. Miyahara is already a five-time Japan Action Award winner as Best Action Actress, and will be returning in season two showing off even more skills. “I want to be able to produce feminine works,” she stated. “I think I also want to progress further in action.”

Shudo ended the event saying, “Thank you for supporting Season 2!” “I think the only thing that can surpass Amazons is more Amazons!”

The 13 episodes of Kamen Rider Amazons Season 2 begin distribution on Amazon Prime video on April 7th. A new episode will be released every Friday.

Source: Natalie

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