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Kamen Rider Amazons Season 2 Press Event and Series Details


Kamen Rider Amazons Season 2 Press Event and Series Details


Team TokuNet Japan attends the Kamen Rider Amazons Season 2 press conference. 

The press conference for the second season of Kamen Rider Amazons Season 2 was held on April 6th, 2017 at the Grand Hall in Shinigawa, Tokyo. The series is currently airing exclusively on Amazon Prime Video in Japan, which started on April 7th with new episodes airing weekly for a total of 13 episodes.

The official press release summarizes:

Season 2 is Kamen Rider’s first attempt at a juvenile love story: the Amazon raised as a boy, Chihiro, and the girl resurrected as an Amazon, Iyu. This is a distinctive “boy meets girl” love story has been well-crafted. Five years have passed in this world since the turbulent first season. The meeting of Chihiro and Iyu derails the wheel of fate and chaos further swirls. The old and new cast combine, while the story surpasses the first in scale toward the end.

What is Kamen Rider Amazons?
Toei began producing Kamen Rider in 1971, and the distribution of Kamen Rider Amazons on Amazon Prime Video began last year. Season 1 did things that could not be broadcasted on television, and many viewers were fascinated with what they could only see through this distributed work, with a theme of “eat or be eaten”, and the unraveling mystery was a hot topic being discussed every week over social network services.

Five years have passed. It seems that the Tlaloc mass production incident had ended, but the situation is met with an unexpected development. Chihiro is hunting for Amazons, when he has a fateful encounter with a mysterious girl named Iyu fighting an Amazon. However, Chihiro doesn’t know it yet, but she was killed by her father who had become an Amazon, and now she’s been revived as an Amazon to be used as a biological weapon.

Cast Information
The new lead actor chosen to be called a Kamen Rider, You Maejima, found his gateway to success through Junon Superboy Anothers as a member of Team Senior. Actress Ayana Shiramoto is also performing as the heroine Iyu / Crow Amazon, and has formerly worked as an MC for the NHK Educational Television show Suiensaa with support gathered from elementary, middle, and high school students. Recently Tom Fujita has been not just in dramas and movies, but has also spread his activities to variety shows, and actress Rena Takeda has appeared in a number of dramas and films, and now that she’s in her teens she anticipate that she will be her most active. We also welcome the character Jin Takayama who’s a well-admired man from Season 1 performed by Masashi Taniguchi. Also, Ayu Higashi playing the supporting role of Jin’s partner Nanaha Izumi will also be returning in impressive form. Other familiar members from season 1 will also be returning.



Chihiro / Kamen Rider Amazon Neo (Actor: You Maejima)
A boy raised by an Amazon. Other than that, his origins are unknown. He has no interest in things like food or communications with people. He transforms into Amazon Neo, and he hunts Amazons in a group called Teamx(Kiss). What is the reason for his strong attraction to the girl Iyu whom he met during a fight…? And what’s his surprising birthplace…?


Iyu / Crow Amazon (Actress: Ayana Shiramoto)
A girl revived from death. She died after being eaten by her father who had become an Amazon, but she fights as a biological weapon created with Amazon cells known as Crow Amazon. Because she’s dead she feels no pain, and her emotions are also flat, but she hasn’t lost her memories. A member of the Kurosaki Corps, she’s exterminating Amazons day and night.


Haruka Mizusawa / Kamen Rider Amazon Omega (Actor: Tom Fujita)
At the time of the Tlaloc incident five years ago, he became the leader of the Amazons and after that he disappeared. He’s appeared again, but his goal is a mystery.


Jin Takayama / Kamen Rider Amazon Alpha (Actor: Masashi Taniguchi)
A researcher who injected himself with Amazon cells, and then became Amazon Alpha. After the Tlaloc incident, he went missing.


Mizuki Mizusawa (Actress: Rena Takeda)
She continues her long search for her brother-in-law who disappeared as an Amazon. Now, she has enlisted in a new organization known as 4C.


Nanaha Izumi (Actress: Ayu Higashi)
A woman who disappeared with Jin Takayama. She’s also still missing.

New organization – 4C – Competitive Creatures Control Center
4C is an organization that works paired together with Amazons. The official statement is that the leak and extermination of Amazons is nearly completely eliminated. The news of the phenomenon of ordinary humans becoming Amazons is being concealed, and they’re secretly assassinating people who’ve become Amazons.


Yugo Tachibana (Actor: Yu Kamio)
The director of the Amazon organization 4C, created by a joint venture between the government and Nozama Pharmacy. Formerly engaged with Nozama Pharmacy researching and developing transplanting Amazon cells to dead bodies to create sigma type Amazons. He discovered Chihiro and raised him in a facility, and is currently studying him.


Shogo Kano (Actor: Toshimasa Komatsu)
A man who was Reika Mizusawa’s secretary at Nozama Pharmacy. When 4C was established, he became Tachibana’s secretary.


Takeshi Kurosaki (Actor: Kota Miura)
He’s the 4C Extermination Team’s commanding officer. He’s paired with an Amazon. He exudes excellence on the surface, is cool headed, and sarcastic. Even if his opponent is Director Tachibana, his attitude won’t change.


Kota Fukuda (Actor: Kazuya Tanabe)
A member of Kurosaki’s team. In the events from five years ago, he joined the Amazon Extermination Team. After the team’s dissolution, he joined the newly formed 4C. He formerly was a member of the police force, and is excellent with rifles.


Ichiro Futamori (Actor: Yoshito Momiki)
A member of Kurosaki’s team. Because he was dispatched from the government, his combat skills aren’t very good. His main tasks include gathering information, reconnaissance, and keeping watch.


Hiroki Nagase (Actor: Akasato Akatsuki)
A high schooler looking for trouble who finds Chihiro after he abandons 4C. He hates his boring high school life, and he has a chance with Chihiro to start exterminating Amazon together as friends. He’s classmates with Iyu. He’s quite hot headed.


Makoto Shido (Actor: Mitsutoshi Shundo)
He was the extermination team’s leader, but after their dissolution he now manages places like bars. He provides a hangout place for Hiroki’s group. He still pays attention to Amazon information.


Mamoru (Actor: Ryota Kobayashi)
The Mole Amazon. Five years ago, he disappeared with the Amazons lead by Haruka.


Nozomi Takai (Actress: Kanon Miyahara)
A member of the original Extermination Team. She excels in her battle abilities, and is especially good at close quarters combat.


Kazuya Mizaki
A member of the original Extermination Team. His arm was eaten by fellow team member Mole Amazon, and now has an artificial arm.

Source: Press Release, (Video) Model Press

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1 Comment

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    Great job! Very helpfull information about the show.

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