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Ultraman Orb the Origin Saga Trailer Released


Ultraman Orb the Origin Saga Trailer Released


A new trailer was released showcasing the cast and characters for the upcoming Ultraman Orb prequel series streaming on Amazon Prime, Ultraman Orb the Origin Saga.

The 12 episode series will star Hideo Ishiguro and Takaya Aoyagi, reprising their roles as the enemies Gai Kurenai/Ultraman Orb and Jugglus Juggler from the TV series.

Tsuburaya’s press release states “this is the beginning of Ultraman Orb”.

On the far off planet of O-50, two young men, Gai and Juggler, find a dazzling light that has searched for someone possessing excellent qualities to become a warrior of light. Chosen by the light, Gai wields the holy sword, the Orb Caliber, and becomes Ultraman Orb. Using this newfound strength, Gai and Juggler work to defend the universe from the threat of the Galactic Bezelb, controlled by the mysterious Dr. Saiki. Facing this threat, the young warrior of light now asks himself what the true meaning of peace is as his first mission begins.

The cast of characters include:

Gai Kurenai, played by Hideo Ishiguro

A young man who reached the towering Warrior Summit, who was bestowed with the Orb Caliber and chosen to become Ultraman Orb. A young warrior of light who lives by the mantra “without hurting anyone, without making anyone sad” and fights against Saiki.

Jugglus Juggler, played by Takaya Aoyagi

An elite warrior who uses the Serpant Spirit style of sword fighting. Along with Gai, he also reached the Warrior Summit. Although he and Gai are both the great warriors, he was not chosen by the light and becomes irritable when Gai speaks of his ideals but nonetheless supports him in his duties.

Queen Amate, played by Saki Fukuda (Yatterman)

The young queen of the royal planet Kanon who inherited special blood that only flows through women, allowing her to hold the power to become the War God. She constantly seeks peaceful outcomes, even in the face of her generals insisting on launching the first attack against Saiki.

Shinra, played by Yasuyuki Maekawa

Captain of the royal guard who has sworn his allegiance to Queen Amate. His older brother supported the former king and so Shinra wishes to continue this by supporting the new queen. He heads to planet Zain, where Saiki’s base is located. Under his employe are the mercenaries Rikka and Mikoto.

Raigou, played by Takaaki Enoki

General of Kanon’s defense army. He insists on making the first strike against the encroaching swarm of space demons being controlled by Saiki. He regards Amate, with her ability to become the War God, as Kanon’s “final weapon”.

Saiki, played by Izumi Motoya

A scientist from planet Leif. He can control herds of Bezelb by resonating with their queen. He aims to create a universe without conflict be depriving all living beings of free will using Cugs, a poison created by the Bezelb.

Ultraman Cosmos and Dyna, played by Taiyou Sugiura and Tsuruno Takeshi, will also appear.

Tsuruno Takeshi will perform the opening, titled Ultraman Orb. The ending theme is called Ultraman Orb – Touch the Sun, and is performed by Shiraishi Satori.

Ultraman Orb the Origin Saga begins December 26th with new episodes airing through the streaming service every Monday. Tsuburaya also previously announced the series to stream worldwide, including English and German subs.

Source: Tsuburaya


UPDATED – Taiyou Sugiura’s name corrected to proper spelling.

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  1. Eddie Yang

    December 14, 2016 at 5:39 pm

    wait is planet O-50 Orb’s homeworld or just a planet he travels to?

    • Jorge Salas

      December 16, 2016 at 1:34 pm

      We still don’t know, the press release simply mentions that a circular light sits at the top of a mountain called the Warrior Summit waiting for someone with remarkable character to be worthy.

  2. Izzu desu( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (@honou_izzu)

    December 14, 2016 at 7:43 pm

    A correction on Taiyo’s surname tho…. It’s Sugiura not Sugimura.

    • Jorge Salas

      December 17, 2016 at 2:46 pm

      Thanks for the correction!

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