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Ultraman X and Ultraman Ginga S Movie English Dub Cast Revealed


Ultraman X and Ultraman Ginga S Movie English Dub Cast Revealed


William Winckler Productions has revealed to TokuNet the various cast members for the upcoming Ultraman X and Ultraman Ginga S theatrical dubs.

The cast members included in Ultraman X the Movie are Britain Simons as Daichi, William Winckler as Ultraman X, Elise Napier as Asuna, G. Larry Butler as Dr. Guruman, Roy Abramsohn as Captain Kamiki, Valerie Rose Lohman as Rui, Josh Madson as Hayato, John Katona as Wataru, and Alison Lees-Taylor as Captain Tachibana.


William Winckler and Britain Simons. © 2016 William Winckler Productions, Inc.

Also appearing in both movies are Nicholas Clark as Ultraman Ginga/Hikaru and Daniel Van Thomas as Ultraman Zero.


William Winckler with Nick Clark. © 2016 William Winckler Productions, Inc.

The main cast members for Ultraman Ginga S The Movie include Bryan Forrest as Shou/Ultraman Victory, Beth Ann Sweezer as Princess Alena, Paul Stanko as Musashi/Ultraman Cosmos, G. Larry Butler as Etelgar, William Winckler as Captain Jinno, Lisle Wilkerson as Arisa, and John Katona as Goki. Frank Gerrish, Chris Cleveland, Joe Chambrello, Nicholas Manelick, Bradford Hill, and Jay Dee Witney will also voice Ultraman Max, Gaia, Nexus, Mebius, Dyna, and Tiga respectively.


WW and Bryan Forrest. © 2016 William Winckler Productions, Inc.

Included in the cast for the Ultra Fight Victory TV film are William Winckler as Ultraman Hikari, Roy Abramsohn as Ultraman Leo and Juda Specter, Bradford Hill as Astra, Frank Gerrish as Ultraman Ace, and Kyle Rea as Yapool.

William Winckler is acting as producer, director, and writer on the projects based off translations from Emily Nelson.


Emily Nelson. © 2016 William Winckler Productions, Inc.

William Winckler previously announced the films for X and Ginga S will release as a double-feature in select theaters on January 8, 2017.

Theaters include: The Chicago Music Box Theatre, Cleveland Cinemas, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas, Northwest Diversified Entertainment Theaters, and Keystone Cinemas.

At this time, Cleveland Cinemas currently has advanced tickets available for sale on their website. A full updated theater list is available here.

Each film serves as a sequel to its respective series, so be sure to watch Ginga S and X on Crunchyroll ahead of the release.

12/17/2016 Update: Updated with pictures of key talent.

Source: William Winckler Productions

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