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ZERO -DRAGON BLOOD- Holds Special Screening in Kita Kyuushu


ZERO -DRAGON BLOOD- Holds Special Screening in Kita Kyuushu


Director Keita Amemiya and star Ray Fujita paid a visit to Kita Kyuushu city, the shooting location for the upcoming ZERO -DRAGON BLOOD- series, premiering January 6th.

ZERO -DRAGON BLOOD- distinguishes itself from the rest of the GARO franchise by being the first to have a long shooting period on location, in Kita Kyuushu city, with full support of its Filming Commission. Ray Fujita, who plays protagonist Rei Suzumura/ZERO, and general director Keita Amemiya visited Kita Kyuushu city on December 14th to both thank the city and promote the series.

They paid a visit to the city mayor, Kenji Kitahashi, to thank him. Mayor Kitahashi, after looking at the transformed Makai Knight, said: “It is the first time I’ve seen it live and it made quite an impact on me. Very impressive.”, praising the detail of the armor. He added that “It is an honor that Kita Kyuushu was the first long-period shooting location for the GARO series and we look forward to see how the different city landmarks will make their appearance so everyone around the country gets to know them.”


Hearing these words, Amemiya said: “Actually, Kita Kyuushu’s cityscape and ZERO -DRAGON BLOOD-‘s story matched perfectly and the final product was really good.” Fujita added, “We were warmly received by everyone, starting from the filming commission, the extras, and all the local people. I am grateful and glad that I could come back.”

A special pre-screening of part of the series was held and Fujita, Amemiya, and ZERO appeared on stage. Amemiya remembers: “Thanks to the warm welcome we received and the cooperativeness of the extras, the shooting went very smoothly.” Fujita also appreciated the smooth shooting, saying that after the wrap-up, he was able to enjoy the local cuisine. He added: “I made an effort to show the growth Rei and ZERO have gone through both in acting and in action. This time Rei Suzumura is facing a difficulty he had never faced before, both as a Makai Knight and as a human.”

While there is not much they can reveal, Amemiya said that the series can be enjoyed both by veteran GARO fans and newcomers. As a rare treat, attendees were allowed to take pictures during the shoot. Amemiya was glad he could show part of the series early to the people of Kita Kyuushu and asked everyone to look forward to the appearances of the different landmarks.

In ZERO -DRAGON BLOOD-, Rei Suzumura continues to hunt Horrors in a certain city. One day, he meets a young woman in love with photography, Alice Hiromi. After witnessing Makai Knight ZERO in action, she develops an interest in Rei. Meanwhile, a carriage crosses a far away bridge. The carriage contains a coffin in which a man lies. That man is none other than the Dragon Knight, who used the power of Dragons to hunt Horrors.

The Dragon Knight is about to wake up from his slumber of thousands of years. Rei attempts to deal with Alice, who goes wherever he goes. Before him appears Makai Priestess Rekka, who gives him the order of “Protecting the Ancient Dragon Egg”. Alice reacts to these words. The hunt for this Dragon Egg involves both the Dragon Knight and Alice. What is the intention of the awakened warrior?

ZERO -DRAGON BLOOD- will broadcast on Tokyo Television starting on January 6th, 2017.

Source: Press Release

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