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Ultraman Ginga S Deluxe Victory Lancer Commercial


Ultraman Ginga S Deluxe Victory Lancer Commercial


Bandai has uploaded the first Ultraman Ginga S toy commercial for the Deluxe Victory Lancer. 

The Victory Lancer is transformation device of Shou, prince of the Victorians in Ultraman Ginga S. Like the show, the toy operates in two modes: The Gun Mode which reads the Live Sign on each Spark Doll figure to “summon” them with show-authentic noises; and Lancer Mode which not only allows transformation into Ultraman Victory, but also the equipping of Victory’s various Monster power-ups. Like the Deluxe Ginga Spark, the Victory Lancer will be compatible with all past and current Spark Doll Ultra Hero 500 and Ultra Monster 500 series figures.

The DX Victory Lancer will be released in Japan on July 15th for 4,980 yen. The release coincides with the broadcast of Ultraman Ginga S‘s first episode on Shin Ultraman Retsuden.

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Source: Bandai Japan YouTube Channel, Bandai Boys

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