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Ultraseven Blu-Ray Box Sets Announced


Ultraseven Blu-Ray Box Sets Announced



Following up the release of the Ultraman Tiga Complete Blu-Ray Box, Tsuburaya has announced that the third Blu-Ray HD Remaster release for the Ultra Series will be none other than the 1967 Ultraseven TV series.

The third entry of the Ultra Series following Ultra Q and Ultraman in 1966, Ultraseven followed the adventures of the Ultra Garrison as they face off against a ready stream of alien invaders. Among their ranks is a young man known as Dan Moborishi who, in reality, is an alien being from Nebula M-78. In desperate times, Dan uses his Ultra Eye device to transform into Ultraseven. Arguably more popular than its predecessors, Ultraseven has spawned several spin-off TV specials, a straight-to-DVD continuation, and the reimagined TV series, Ultraseven X.

The Blu-Ray Boxes for Ultraseven contain all 48 episodes but, like all the other previous home releases, will not feature the banned “Phantom” Episode 12. The visuals have been cleaned and upgraded from the original 16mm film masters, elevating Ultraseven into full 1080p quality. Also, along with having the original mono soundtrack, each episode in the Blu-Ray Box sets will have a brand-new remastered “2014 Stereo Remix” audio option. Additionally, select episodes on both sets will feature a new 5.1ch soundtrack. Among them are fan-favorites like “The Suspicious Neighbor”, “The Ultra Garrison Goes West, Part 2”, “Emissary of the Nonmalt”, and “The Greatest Invasion In History, Part 1”.

The Ultraseven Blu-Ray Boxes will be released in Japan for 29,500 yen each. Box I will be released November 21st, 2014 and Box II on January 28th, 2015.

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Source: Tsuburaya Station

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