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An In Depth Examination of Kamen Riders


An In Depth Examination of Kamen Riders


A lot of people are saying that Gaim is the best Rider, but. No.

Gaim is an okay Rider, if you like fruits. But if you’re into nuts and – really, why else would you be here? There are only four Riders you can call the best. Forget Strawberry #1, the best Riders are the nut Riders.

First are the Nut Brothers. They’re cool guys. They broke up though. Hase’s on vacation right now. He’ll probably be back. Their Rider names are Kamen Rider グリドン and Masked Rider BLACK Shadow.


Then we have the other Nut Riders. They’re Knuckles the Echidna and Bravo (bear stearns). They do cool things too but they aren’t in the show as much.


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