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April Fools 2023: Genm Corp Announces Release Date for Taddle Quest Online

April Fools

April Fools 2023: Genm Corp Announces Release Date for Taddle Quest Online

The home page for taddle quest online, featuring the original taddle quest logo and the word online beneath it

On March 31st, 2023, Genm Corp announced a new game in their wildly popular game Taddle series called Taddle Quest Online.

Small indie developer Genm Musou Corporation, also known as Genm Corp, is releasing Taddle Quest Online as part of the 7th anniversary of Kamen Rider Chronicle and part of their recent rebranding efforts since they closed down in 2017. Billed as a mix of the vivid gameplay of Kamen Rider Chronicle and the heartbreaking story of the Taddle series, Taddle Quest Online is a massively multiplayer augmented reality game. It is scheduled to release in Winter 2023 on the recently released Orphnoc X pioneered by Smart Brain. After the wild success of Kamen Rider Chronicle, can Genm Corp recapture the magic that brought them to international fame, or is this another failure like Buddhist Priest of Temple.

The Orphnoc X driver. Black with a white face plate and a glowing red center

In Taddle Quest Online, there are 5 classes to choose from. The base classes on launch will be Racer, Swordmaster, Gunner, Athlete and Bard. As of the time of publishing, not much is known about the classes other than that they are based on the bosses found in Kamen Rider Chronicle. Genm Corp stated that owners of Chronicle can transfer their save data into Taddle Quest Online as the Rider class.

the presumed classes in the game, featuring some bosses from Kamen Rider Chronicle, Snipe, Lazer, Ex-Aid and Brave

The core gameplay loop of Taddle Quest Online revolves around group raids of castles found across the world. Players work together to fell raid bosses and liberate the princes and princesses trapped within. In return, players will receive Musou Etherium which can be used for leveling up skills and unlocking class evolutions. Completing objectives during raids will earn players Chronicle Power-Ups which grant them temporary bonuses for the raid. After clearing a raid, there is also the chance for a legendary item to drop which can drastically increase your abilities in game. These items are unique to each account and are stored on the block chain.

A legendary sword emblazoned with a ring of playing cards

The top 10% of players from each region can also enter Player vs. Player arenas with their legendary items as ante. For players that do not have a legendary item but are in the top 10%, they are encouraged to try out the cash auction house where other players can sell items for real world currency. There are also seasonal caches which can be opened with in-game currency called Gemns. Caches contain decorations, items, cosmetics and other items. They also have a 0.001% chance of dropping exclusive legendary items!

a pink and black box with a question mark on top

Furthermore, top players can enter into a live service instance of the game where their gameplay is livestreamed on the Genm Corp YouTube channel. The livestream features commentators like the legendary gamer M and even the eclectic president of Genm Corp himself Kuroto Dan. These players are paid by Genm Corp so that they can spend as much time gaming as possible.

CEO Kuroto Dan at a sales pitch meeting with competitor Thouser-Intellion

Players may also participate in a solo narrative adventure where they work with a group of NPCs called Bugsters that theme themselves off of your class. The main storyline is roughly 160 hours, so any gamer will have a blast finishing this on week one.

Players progress from a level 1 grunt in the story all the way to the boss of a 100-person army in a grand story of political intrigue, romanticism and all out warfare. Each NPC has a social rating that you can improve by speaking to them throughout the story, so you can really see the world grow as you progress through the campaign. While online play is available on launch, new items and abilities from story mode carry over into the online gameplay, so progressing through both is encouraged.

A snapshot of the social link menu after leaving the starting zone

Stay tuned for continued updates, gameplay and trailers for Taddle Quest Online in the coming months. As long time fans of the Taddle series and the nostalgic games of Genm Corp, we can’t wait to get our hands on this game as much as the rest of you.

Source: April Fool’s

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Rene Mcclenaghan

    April 2, 2023 at 9:46 am

    I wish this was real.

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