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Ultraman Blazar’s Theme Song Artists Announced


Ultraman Blazar’s Theme Song Artists Announced

Tsuburaya has announced the theme song artists for the opening and ending songs of Ultraman Blazar, which will air on July 8th.

On April 21, Tsuburaya Productions announced the new Ultraman series, Ultraman Blazar, to air from July 8th. On June 2nd, Tsuburaya announced the artists who would sing the opening and ending songs for Blazar: industry veteran Hiroshi Kitadani and popular Thai artist MindaRyn.

Hiroshi Kitadani

The opening song, ‘Bokura no Spectra’, will be performed by Hiroshi Kitadani. Kitadani debuted in 1994, and is best known for his theme songs for anime including One Piece and for collaborating with JAM Project. He has also performed insert songs for Kamen Rider Agito and Kamen Rider Ryuki. ‘Bokura no Spectra’ will be written by Shito and composed and arranged by Takumi Ozawa (from ReReGRAPHICS).

Hiroshi Kitadani commented:

Every Japanese boy longs to be a tokusatsu hero. And Ultraman is special even among them. It’s truly amazing to be able to sing an anthem for Ultraman. And I’m so grateful to sing to all those Ultraman fans around the globe. Just as Ultraman and his theme songs gave me courage when I was a child, I hope this song will also be cherished in everyone’s hearts as well.


Natcha Pongsupanee, better known by her stage name MindaRyn, will perform Blazar’s ending song “BLACK STAR”. After gaining popularity on YouTube, MindaRyn went on to perform themes for anime including That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime and Sakugan. ‘BLACK STAR’ will be written by SACHIKO and composed and arranged by Hisashi Koyama.

MindaRyn commented:

I’m MindaRyn and I will be performing the ending theme song for Ultraman Blazar! I was very happy when I first heard that I was going to do the ending theme song, but also extremely surprised as well. I kept asking “Are you sure, it’s really me?” I mean Ultraman is a show everyone knows, even in Thailand, where I’m from. It’s a show that I grew up with. I tried to express Ultraman’s power to give courage to everyone through my singing. I imagine myself fighting alongside everybody listening to this song when I sing this. I hope that I can help convey that power with Ultraman Blazar!

Ultraman Blazar will be available from July 8th, 2023, on TV Tokyo Network. An English dubbed version will be available online.

Source: Tsuburaya


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