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New Kamen Rider Geats Spin-Offs Coming to TTFC


New Kamen Rider Geats Spin-Offs Coming to TTFC

Two new Kamen Rider Geats spin-offs have been announced for Toei Tokusatsu Fan Club.

On May 4, the Kamen Rider Geats Golden Desire Night was held at the Grand Prince Shin Takanawa. Two upcoming spin-offs for Geats were announced at this event.

The first spin-off: Geats Extra: Kamen Rider Punkjack explores the past of its titular Rider, and the inner workings of the Desire Grand Prix. Tsubasa Sakiyama reprises his role as Win Hareruya (Punkjack), alongside Shugo Oshinari (Girori), Ryo Kitamura (Niram), Kokoro Aoshima (Tsumuri), Hideyoshi Kan (Ace Ukiyo), and Kazuto Mokudai (Michinaga Azuma).

An original theme song titled “ROLLIN’ ROLLIN’ PUNK KING” is performed by Sakiyama, and new cast members Kaname Futaba, Masayuki Sado, and Daichi Hida. Futuba is playing Hiroki Amamiya, a member of Win’s band Weather Hearts and Desire Grand Prix participant Kamen Rider Butchi. Gosei Blue actor Kento Ono has also joined the cast as Kazuki Mashima, captain of the DGP management’s Guard Riders.

In addition to Kamen Rider Punkjack, Geats Extra: Kamen Rider Tycoon meets Kamen Rider Shinobi was also announced. In this special, Keiwa Sakurai (Tycoon) and his sister Sara arrive in the world of Kamen Rider Shinobi where they come across Rentaro Kagura (Shinobi) and his various friends and foes.

Ryuga Sato and Hideya Tawada are both returning to play Keiwa and Rentaro. Meanwhile, Nene Shida (Sara Sakurai), Asuka Hanamura (Iroha Kagura), Takuma Zaiki (Isamichi Konjo) and Nobuo Kyo (Master Gamano) are all reprising their roles from Geats and Shinobi.

Perhaps the most noteworthy reappearance however is Shun Sugata reprising his role as Ryo Murasame; also known as Kamen Rider ZX. Sugata is joined by Kamen Rider Kenzan and Kamen Rider Fuma from Kamen Rider Saberand the Ex-Aid True Ending movie. Finally, Kamen Rider Revice actor Shohei Hashimoto will be playing the main antagonist of this special – Amakusa Shiro Tokisada.

While the RIDER TIME Kamen Rider Shinobi has three episodes currently available; this new special is considered as if it were episode 46 for a full-length Shinobi tv series. Because of that, the ending song IZANAGI by Sakuramen (featuring. Tawada Takamasu) will re-appear in this special/

While Kamen Rider Geats is still airing on Japanese television, Geats Extra: Kamen Rider Punkjack came out on May 21st, and Geats Extra: Kamen Rider Tycoon meets Kamen Rider Shinobi is slated for a June 18th release. Both spin-offs are airing exclusively on the Toei Tokusatsu Fan Club.

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