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Ultraman Blazar Announced


Ultraman Blazar Announced

On April 21, Tsuburaya Productions announced the new Ultraman series, Ultraman Blazar, to air from July 8th.

Following the end of Ultraman Decker, Tsuburaya Productions has announced the next installment in the longrunning franchise: Ultraman Blazar.

Set in a world where Earth is plagued by kaiju disasters, Ultraman Blazar will star Tomoya Warabino as Gento Hiruma, who can transform into Ultraman Blazar to protect humanity. Hiruma is the captain of a special unit in the Global Guardian Force (GGF), tasked with defending Earth from kaiju and extraterrestrial attacks. He transforms into Ultraman Blazar using the Blazer Stone, a crystal infused with the power of light, and the Blazar Brace.

Ultraman Blazar brings several new additions to the Ultraman Franchise. For the first time, the character who becomes Ultraman is the captain of the defense team. He also has a wife and child. This is part of Ultraman Blazar’s series theme of communication, be it between human and Ultraman, soldiers and commanders, or parent and child.

Ultraman Blazar will be available from July 8th, 2023, on TV Tokyo Network. An English dubbed version will be available online.

Ultraman Blazar


A giant that came from M421, a blazar far away from Earth. His special move is the Spiral Burrade, a projectile beam attack in the form of a double-helical spear made from light.

Gento Hiruma

Originally, Hiruma led a small elite unit in the GGF, but was inaugurated as the captain of SKaRD (Special Kaiju Reaction Detachment) shortly after Ultraman Blazar first appeared on Earth. He is married and has a 7 year-old son. As Ultraman Blazar, he stands up against kaiju with courage and a strong sense of justice.

Gento Hiruma is played by Tomoya Warabino. After making his acting debut in a popular TV drama in 2007, he has appeared in a succession of TV shows and movies and is active in a variety of fields. He is known to fans of tokusatsu for playing Heart in Kamen Rider Drive.

Ultraman. A character that continues to be loved all over the world to this day. When I was a child, I used to wear my red and white gymnastic cap and fold it in the middle, to do impressions in the mountains on the way to and from school. At the time, the mysterious and overwhelming strength of Ultraman was what remained in my head, and I may have felt that someday I wanted to become a person that could protect someone important to me as well.

A few decades have passed since then. I myself got married, and at a timing that seemed like fate, the opportunity of being Ultraman Blazar came to me. Now that I have become an adult, I want to give back to the memories I used to have when I was young. The power to protect your loved ones.

Please look forward to Ultraman Blazar, which is unlike anything before and will surely remain in everyone’s hearts.

Earth Garon

SKaRD’s main weapon Earth Garon is an enormous counter-Kaiju robot. It is a bipedal kaiju type that can also be used in close-quarter combat mode. Its official name is Type 23 Special Tactical Armored Kaiju. It is equipped with Earth Fire, a charged particle cannon that shoots from its mouth, Earth Guns on each hand, and a Tail VLS on its tail that fires missiles vertically.

Behind the Scenes

The lead director for Ultraman Blazar is Kiyotaka Taguchi, who has worked on Ultraman X, Ultraman Orb, and Ultraman Z. The main screenwriter is Keigo Koyanagi. Koyanagi worked on Ultraman Z as a military adviser and worked as a scriptwriter for Ultraman Trigger.

Source: Tsuburaya

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