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CSM Century KIng Sun Driver Announced by Premium Bandai

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CSM Century KIng Sun Driver Announced by Premium Bandai

Kamen Rider Black Sun standing menacingly next to the CSM Century King Sun Driver. facing left. The Black Sun Logo and CSM logo are below the driver.

Originally announced as the “Black Sun Henshin Belt,” the CSM Century King Sun Driver from Kamen Rider Black Sun was revealed on October 27, 2022.

The Complete Selection Modification Century King Sun Driver from Kamen Rider Black Sun has officially been unveiled ahead of its debut at the Narikiri World event. The driver costs ¥44,000 (tax included) and preorders are open until January 24, 2023. The scheduled release is in March of 2023.

The in-person reveal featured actor Hidetoshi Nishijima, who portrays Kotaro Minami (Kamen Rider Black Sun). Nishijima used the driver to demonstrate the transformation sequence to the audience.

The CSM Century King Sun Driver is the first fully automatic CSM device. During the transformation sequence, the belt’s inner ring spins closed and four pieces along the outside of the belt are drawn towards the center, locking in. Then the center of the belt glows red and a gauge to the left of the inner ring rotates counter clockwise.

The driver in its open form on the top, and closed form on the bottom

Each driver is hand painted and is equipped with 16 LEDs that activate during the transformation sequence. A pair of motion sensors along the top of the driver work to start the transformation sequence.

A view from above showing the sensors

Additionally, there are two modes for the driver activated by the voiceline button and the BGM button. The voiceline button includes lines recorded by Nishijima and the BGM button has sounds to go along with the transformation sequence, battles and finishing moves.

A view from above showing the two buttons, voiceline button on the driver's right side and BGM button on the driver's left side

The driver also has sounds for Kotaro’s Black Migratory Locust Kaijin form.

A photo of Black Migratory Locust Kaijin Form

Premium Bandai also announced the Display Pedestal Century King Sun Driver Edition alongside the driver. The pedestal features the Century King logo on top and comes with adjustment parts to support the driver.

A photo of the driver on the display can with the Century King Logo emblazoned on the top

The end of the reveal trailer for the CSM Century King Sun Driver teased the release of a Century King Moon Driver.

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Source: Premium Bandai

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