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CSM Dopant Memory Fuuto PI Set Announced

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CSM Dopant Memory Fuuto PI Set Announced

The six dopant memories laid out in a grid, with their respective dopants next to them

The next Complete Selection Modification item is a set of Dopant Memories from the recent Fuuto PI anime.

On November 8, 2022, Premium Bandai announced the next item to be released in the Complete Selection Modification series of roleplay toys is the Dopant Memory Fuuto PI Set. The six memories are based on Dopants that appeared in the Fuuto PI anime. The set costs ¥12,540 and preorders opened on November 10, 2022, on Premium Bandai’s website.

The six dopant memories laid out in a grid

The set of six memories includes:

  • Road Memory
  • Meganeura Memory
  • Alcohol Memory
  • Reactor Memory
  • Scream Memory
  • Brachiosaurus Memory

The set also comes with a set of 12 Connector Body Seals. These are temporary tattoos that help emulate the look of how Dopants activate their abilities.

The connector body seal on someone's left forearm

The end of each memory has a pin which will activate sound effects when pressed, helping users to feel more like a Dopant.

A diagram highling button locations on the memory. The pin is located at the end of the memory by the usb-esque port and the switch is above the port

The Dopant Memory Fuuto PI Set memories use entirely new models than the CSM Dopant Memory Set released in 2010. The back has no legal markings or screw holes and the bone ridges are more pronounced.

Dopant Set 2010 left and Dopant set 2022 right

Additionally, the activation switch is now built into the spine that runs along the center of each memory. Each memory has three main sound effects, the Dopant memory sound, the transformation sound and the memory break sound.

A diagram showing where the switch is, above the port

The CSM Dopant Memory Fuuto PI Set will not be available outside of Japan. Overseas fans can use an ordering service such as One Map by FROM JAPAN in order to purchase Japan-exclusive tokusatsu merchandise. Click here for our guide to using From Japan.

Source: Premium Bandai

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