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Kamen Rider OOO CSM Birth Driver & X Unit Announced


Kamen Rider OOO CSM Birth Driver & X Unit Announced

Premium Bandai announced the latest release in the Complete Selection Modification OOO line, featuring the CSM Birth Driver & X Unit from Kamen Rider OOO.

Transform into Kamen Rider Birth or Proto Birth with this new release in the Complete Selection Modification line! Kamen Rider Birth is the secondary rider in Kamen Rider OOO. Its primary users are Akira Date and Shintaro Goto.

Transform into either Kamen Rider Birth or Kamen Rider Proto Birth! As a note, Proto Birth is only able to access Crane Arm and Breast Cannon.

By pressing the newly added “effect button” and inserting a cell medal, Kamen Rider Birth’s CLAWs equipment can be accessed. These forms are: Drill Arm, Breast Cannon, Shovel Arm, Crane Arm, Caterpillar Legs, Cutter Wing, and the combined form, Birth Day. This new “effect button” will also play sounds from in-helmet scenes. 

Newly added are the “voice line” and “BGM” button. Cycle through a number of lines from both Akira Date (Hiroyuki Iwanaga) and Shintaro Goto (Asaya Kimijima)!

As with many CSM products, BGM tracks are included in this item. They are:

  • Reverse/Re:birth
  • Transform Birth!
  • Birth Battle
  • Birth Pursuit
  • Birth Tragedy 

Attaching the X Unit transforms the Birth Driver into the Birth Driver X. Transform into Kamen Rider Birth X! This form first made its appearance in  Kamen Rider OOO 10th: Revival of the Core Medals.

After transformation, by removing and reinserting the core medal into the X Unit and turning the handle, access Birth X’s new equipment. These include: Scorpion Cannon, Crab Arm, and Shrimp Leg. By turning the handle a second time, access a finisher move!

In addition to Birth X’s core medals, the X Unit contains the same scanning technology as the CSM OOO Driver. This item is compatible with every core medal released in the Complete Selection Modification OOO line. Scan every combo!

Bandai has provided a video demonstration of the item.

This release includes:

  • Birth Driver
  • X Unit
  • Shrimp Core and Cell Medal
  • Crab Core and Cell Medal
  • Scorpion Core and Cell Medal
  • Kougami Foundation Birth System Manual

This toy will release as several different versions.

The main release, the CSM Birth Driver & X Unit will go for 29,700 yen (tax included).

A set that comes with the Blu-ray for OOO 10th Kamen Rider Birth: Birth X Origins will go for 35,200 yen(tax included).

The CSM Birth Driver by itself will go for 19,800 yen (tax included)

Complementing this release is a rerelease of the CSM Cell Medal set. Read more about it here.

Preorders for all releases are open until August 30th, 2022 23:00 JST and is scheduled to ship December 2022.

Source: Premium Bandai

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