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Nobunaga Daichi Cast in Ultraman Decker

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Nobunaga Daichi Cast in Ultraman Decker

Tsuburaya Productions announced on April 28, 2022 that Nobunaga Daichi has been cast as Soma Ryumon, a member of Ultraman Decker’s GUTS-Select team.

Nobunaga Daichi is joining the cast of Ultraman Decker as part of the newly reformed GUTS-Select team. Daichi will play Soma Ryumon, Kanata’s friendly rival.

Soma is the pilot of the GUTS Falcon, a GUTS-Select vehicle repurposed from a remote-controlled vehicle to a manually piloted one. Calm and reserved, he doesn’t often show his emotions. He joined GUTS-Select against his father’s wishes, and he swore to become the best to prove to his father that he made the right choice. The captain calls him an ‘observant genius’, given his ability to look at situations with a critical eye.

Of his casting, Daichi stated:

I’m very happy to take part in this show with its wonderful cast and crew.

It makes me happy to think you will be watching every week to see how much Ryumon and his friends grow, and how they change together!

I hope that this series will help everyone to have more courage and confidence in themselves.

Daichi made his acting debut in 14 in an NHK Taiga drama. He has previously starred in TV dramas, movies and commercials.

Source: Tsuburaya

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