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TTFC Announces Kamen Rider Genms Sequel


TTFC Announces Kamen Rider Genms Sequel

A new Toei Tokusatsu Fan Club (TTFC) special, Kamen Rider Genms: Smart Brain and the 1000% Crisis, will be available to watch starting April 17.

What started as an April Fools’ joke on the official Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Twitter account became reality in 2021 with the TTFC original, Kamen Rider Genms: The Presidents. In this special, the featured “presidents” were Kuroto Dan (played by Tetsuya Iwanaga), Gai Amatsu (played by Nachi Sakuragi), and Masamune Dan (played by Hiroyuki Takami).

This new special is Kamen Rider Genms: Smart Brain and the 1000% Crisis. Kuroto Dan returns, but his appearance is… different this time around. And the other president this time is… Ren Amagasaki?! He appears as the third president of Genm Corporation… but there’s a twist?!

Delving further, Smart Brain is the name of the company in Kamen Rider 555, and 1000% is Gai Amatsu’s tagline. What could this mean?

This special, written by Yuya Takahashi and directed by Takayuki Shibasaki will be available to watch through the Toei Tokusatsu Fan Club starting April 17.

From Tetsuya Iwanaga (Kuroto Dan / Kamen Rider Genm)

It’s been one year since Kamen Rider Genms: The Presidents, and once again, I return as Kuroto Dan. When I first started as an actor, I really wanted to land a “successful role”. To come across an intense character like Kuroto Dan was just the good fortune I sought. Playing this role is one of my life’s works. I want to run wild in the “Kamen Rider” world forever.

Kamen Rider Genms: The Presidents is about settling a longstanding dispute between Kuroto and his father, Masamune Dan. This time, I get to show you Kuroto Dan on a brand new stage. If The Presidents is akin to a “graduation ceremony”, then this is like the “start of a new school year”.

I think we’ll surprise you with the new developments in this story. We made a special that goes far beyond what the fans can imagine. Please look forward to when streaming starts!

From Shinya Kote (Ren Amagasaki)

We meet again, lovely boys and girls of the Toei Tokusatsu Fan Club♡! As I love to say, “I love you all around the world.” I am Ren… Amagasaki!! I, the warrior of love, have returned thanks to the power of love (namely all of yours)! And as even completely erased data can be restored, I’ve come back to warn you of the dangers of this digital information.

… Well, if I can. I really wanted to come back as a Kamen Rider. That said, I’m pleased to be able to return as Ren Amagasaki, and I’m surprised that Toei’s kept my white suit. Even more surprised that I can wear it around normally. (laughs)

Recently, I’d been told that Kenjiro Tsuda’s voice coming from (Shigeyuki) Totsugi reminded people of me, and it is a great joy as an actor to give life to a character that remains in everyone’s memories. Even today I am grateful to have been on Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.

Please look forward to my return performance! And don’t you dare laugh when I appear! (laughs)

Source: Toei Tokusatsu Fan Club

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