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Team TakoNet Interviews Local Takoyaki Vendor Zucker


Team TakoNet Interviews Local Takoyaki Vendor Zucker

Zucker standing in front of his house and adjoining takoyaki stand

Zucker recently moved into Team TakoNet staff writer Alex Hartzog’s private island. To celebrate the occasion, Hartzog gave a guided tour of the island, asking Zucker questions about the meaning of life, takoyaki, and everything else. 

AH: What was your reason for coming to the island?

Zucker: Well, it was a tough choice, but after being given a Matryoshka, a Wooden Simple Bed and a Pot, I found I couldn’t say no! After asking Reneigh to politely leave the island under the cover of night, I had the Nooklings begin the construction of my new home, bloop! I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out and I especially love the faux grass carpets they were able to install. It has plenty of room for my takoyaki stand, which was the number one thing on my list of must-haves in my new house!

Zucker's home

AH: How has the takoyaki business been since you started living on the island?

Zucker: Well, I have only been here a day, so it is tough to say, but the other villagers have welcomed me with open paws and flippers, so I am sure it is only a matter of time before they are enthralled by my signature takoyaki. The island has a healthy octopus population that is in-season year round, meaning I always have fresh octopus for my takoyaki.

AH: What do you do to make your takoyaki stand out?

Zucker: As no one on the island has any idea how to make takoyaki, I have 100% of the market and zero competition, so it kind of stands out, bloop! More specifically, I have a special blend of seasonings that I add to my sauce, as well as a secret ingredient I add to the dough. If I told you, I would have to kill you, haha, bloop!

AH: You’ve said “bloop” a lot, what does this mean?

Zucker: Oh! I didn’t realize I was saying that. It is my internal catchphrase. It reminds me of the delicious octopus I use in my takoyaki. Just thinking the word makes me happy and makes me feel like I can do anything, bloop!

Zucker talking about blooping hard

AH: Bloop!

Zucker: Exactly, bloop!

AH: On a more serious note, there have been claims that you are actually a takoyaki yourself. How do you respond to these notions?

Zucker: They are completely outrageous! I may be an octopus, and yes, my head may look like the color of takoyaki dough, but that is due to a skin condition. As for claims my hair is just takoyaki sauce, that is just wrong. My hair is all natural, but I do style it to look like sauce with a combination of hair dye and gels. I love takoyaki and any reminder of them makes me happy. 

AH: Of course. Moving back to less controversial topics, what is your favorite food besides takoyaki?

Zucker: That is a tough question. I think I would have to go with fruit juice, especially apple juice. It pairs extremely well with takoyaki. The crisp apple notes play well with the savory taste of my takoyaki. I advise any villagers to give the combination a try, bloop!

AH: As a final question, do you have anything you wanted to tell our readers that I did not ask about?

Zucker: I think I just wanted to mention how big a fan I am of a TV show I recently finished. It is called Kamen Rider Ghost, and one of the main characters eats takoyaki a lot! He instantly became my favorite character when I saw he too shared my love of takoyaki, bloop!

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