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Tasuku Emoto Cast as Kamen Rider #2 in “Shin Kamen Rider”

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Tasuku Emoto Cast as Kamen Rider #2 in “Shin Kamen Rider”

Tasuku Emoto will join the cast of Hideaki Anno’s Shin Kamen Rider as Hayato Ichimonji / Kamen Rider #2.

The year 2022 starts off with exciting news from Shin Kamen Rider!  After giving a visual teaser drawn by Mahiro Maeda (who also drew the first teaser image) of Kamen Rider #2 on October 10, it left many fans curious as to who would play this role.

Translation: “Today (10/10) is Hayato Ichimonji/Kamen Rider #2’s birthday. Here is an image of #2 who will appear in Shin Kamen Rider. This was drawn by Mahiro Maeda who drew the image put out on April 4. Please look forward to it.”

On January 1, Shin Kamen Rider heralded the new year by announcing Tasuku Emoto as Hayato Ichimonji / Kamen Rider #2!


From Tasuku Emoto (Hayato Ichimonji / Kamen Rider #2, Shin Kamen Rider):

“I honestly thought, ‘Me? As Kamen Rider #2?’ when it was decided. This feeling continued as I went through costume fitting and picking small props. Gradually, it sunk in that “Oh, this is what playing Kamen Rider #2 is like,” and my nerves skyrocketed. In the meanwhile, during preparations, I felt the original Kamen Rider’s beauty, his intellect, his coolness. During filming, we proceeded while fighting the pressure of bringing the masterpiece, the original Kamen Rider, into the present day alongside the unconventional Director Anno. There are cuts in the film all over the place I wouldn’t have thought of making. Please look forward to the film.”

Shin Kamen Rider is directed by Hideaki Anno and is scheduled to come out in theaters across Japan in 2023.

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