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Bittomo x Heroine Kirameki Powers Announced


Bittomo x Heroine Kirameki Powers Announced

Bittomo x Heroine Kirameki Powers has been announced to be the fifth title in the Girls x Heroine franchise.

Succeeding Police x Heroine Lovepatrina, the fifth title in the Girls x Heroine franchise will be Bittomo x Heroine Kirameki Powers (translated: Bit Friend x Heroine Kirameki Powers), scheduled to begin airing in Japan on Sunday July 11, 2021. Taking on a video game motif, this show also coincides with the franchise’s fifth anniversary.



Bittomo x Heroine Kirameki Powers! Game Start: An Epic Adventure!
Make darkness in the world glitter and sparkle!

One day, Hime-nyan comes out of a game machine in front of Kirari. Hime-nyan is actually the princess of Kirapawa Kingdom from the popular fantasy-adventure game “Kirapawa Morimori Adventure”. While fleeing from the Mackra Empire, Hime-nyan stealthily turned herself into a cat, but the Empire is still in pursuit! Kirari eagerly jumps in to face the Mackra Empire and becomes Hime-nyan’s “bit friend”, transforming into Kirapawa Sunny, Hero of the Sun. By gathering strong-willed friends and the valuable Kirapawa Memories, she emerges from battle victorious!
Now, protect the Earth, and defeat the Dark Witch Mackrala!

Characters and Cast Comments

Kirameki Powers

Kirari Momose / Kirapawa Sunny, Hero of the Sun

Played by Tsubaki Nagayama, Kirari is a passionate and excitable fifth grader. She wants to be “bit friends” with anyone she thinks will be exciting to befriend.

Warping~ in~! Clearing darkness with a burning heart! I am Kirari and Kirapawa Sunny, Hero of the Sun! Kirari Momose is played by me, Tsubaki Nagayama. I was so happy that I cried when I heard that I got the role.
It’s really thanks to everyone around me, and I want to do my best without forgetting how thankful I am. Kirari is a bright, energetic, and righteous girl. She’s a lot like me, so she’s very easy to play. I love where she goes “Here we go” in her transformation dance, so please give it a try. Compared to the previous Girls x Heroine series, there are even cooler parts, so check out our different attacks. I’ll try very, very hard to be cheerful so I can cheer up everyone! Please support me.

Yuzuki Shimori / Kirapawa Moon, Healer of the Moon

Fighting for others, 8th grader Yuzuki Shimori is played by Hiiro Fukazawa. She has a gentle heart and wants to heal people.

As long as I can help others! Clearing away darkness with a soothing heart! I am Yuzuki and Kirapawa Moon, Healer of the Moon! My name is Hiiro Fukuzawa, and I play Yuzuki Shimori. I couldn’t even speak when I learned that I passed the audition.
Being a part of Girls x Heroine feels like a dream come true, but I don’t want to forget these feelings or these feelings of gratitude to the people who’ve supported me. I’ll work hard going forward.
Yuzuki’s mother is a nurse, so Yuzuki is always thinking about helping people in trouble. Playing her was a bit hard at first because Yuzuki speaks very politely, but I had fun getting used to it. I was so nervous I was afraid I’d mess up my lines, but Director Miike made me laugh and gave me advice. Thanks to him, filming was a lot of fun. This show has a different feel from previous Girls x Heroine shows, and I think there will be parts you aren’t used to seeing before. This should be a fresh and engaging show. I’ll try my hardest so people all over can enjoy this show now and in the future. I’d appreciate your support.

Kirapawa Kingdom

Princess, Leader of Kirapawa Kingdom

Kurea Masuda plays the princess of the in-game kingdom of Kirapawa. She is being pursued by the Mackra Empire and turns herself into a cat as she flees towards the human world. Kurea Masuda is a member of the affiliated music group Girls² (pronounced girls-girls) and previously played Yuria Nijiiro from the second Girls x Heroine title, Magic x Heroine Majimajo Pures.

Princess is the princess of Kirapawa Kingdom, a kingdom that exists within in a video game. She also appears in this show as the cat Hime-nyan. When my time on Majimajo Pures ended, I talked about wanting to work with everyone again, but I’m so happy to be back for another Girls x Heroine show. I’m feeling nervous all over again, but I think it will be a lot of fun again too.

Shiney, Princess’s Butler

Shiney, a butler from Kirapawa Kingdom, follows Princess to the human world in his concern about her. He is played by tokusatsu alumnus Ukyo Matsumoto. He previously played Taiga Hanaya / Kamen Rider Snipe in 2016-2017 Kamen Rider Ex-Aid as well as XiO member Hayato Kijima in 2015-2016’s Ultraman X. Matsumoto will also appear as Garan in the movie Super Battle Junretsuger, premiering in theaters in Japan on September 10, 2021.

Shiney is the princess’s butler from Kirapawa Kingdom in the video game world. After coming to the real world and meeting Kirari, he gradually comes to support her as well. This is my first time playing a character that crosses worlds, but I’m looking forward to practicing acting techniques I can only learn while I’m here. In this wonderful live, I could never have imagined myself being in such a cute space. I’ll do my best while taking care of Kirari and Yuzuki as an older brother figure. Please cheer me on!


Voiced by Sakura Namiki, Hime-nyan is the princess of Kirapawa Kingdom from the popular video game “Kirapawa Morimori Adventure”. As she was fleeing from the Mackra Empire, she secretly turns herself into a cat and escapes to the human world. She loves strawberries and mlik.


Pippi is one of Hime-nyan’s attendants and precious friends. Pippi is a hot-blooded character who “burns dazzlingly”. They’re very good at pecking, but it doesn’t seem to hurt much. Pippi is voiced by Saki Miyashita.


Hamley is another one of Hime-nyan’s attendants and companions and is voiced by Sayuki Watabe. Although they are easily frightened and faints often, Hamley actually has a strong heart. They can gnaw well, but it’s more ticklish than painful.

Mackra Empire

Mackrala, the Dark Witch

A Dark Witch who seeks to blanket the Kirapawa Kingdom in darkness, Mackrala is played by Nonoka Yamaguchi. She follows Princess to the human world but doesn’t know that Princess had turned herself into a cat.

Mackrala is a Dark Witch of the Mackrala Empire. She has a short temper and always seems to be angry, and there are a lot of scenes where she’ll jump from loud sounds, but her high-class clothing completes her image splendidly. Her comical interactions with her subordinates is something to look forward to! I’ll be very happy if you gave it a watch because I think we’ve made something everyone can enjoy.

Mackra Kurasuke of the Four Dark Generals

One of the four dark generals of the Mackra Empire, Kurasuke follows Mackrala’s orders to turn people into Yamee. He is played by Shion Suzuki.

As one of the generals of the Mackra Empire, Kurasuke turns people into Yamee to make the human world part of the Mackra Empire, all while fighting against the Kirapawa girls! I put a lot of thought into showing off how scary Kurasuke is through his movements and expressions when he first appears. However, in contrast to when he’s fighting, there are also funny scenes where Kurasuke is a bit scatterbrained, and I was sure to mind the difference. There’s a big height difference between Kurasuke and the Kirapawa girls, but I hope you can enjoy that visual dynamic!

Narrator – Atsuko Maeda

Formerly one of the most prominent members of the idol girl group AKB48, Atsuko Maeda joins the Girls x Heroine franchise as the narrator for Kirameki Powers.

Director Takashi Miike put me in charge of being the big sister to the hard-working Kirapawa girls. And they are just adorable…
It’s fun to watch the footage come together, and that perks me up because everyone’s sparkling.
Without a doubt, I wanted to be around their age again. I’m only lending my voice for the duration of the show, but I’ll be with all of the viewers looking after the girls and rooting for them!

And making a guest appearance in the first episode will be Toshio Matsumoto (of the music group EXILE) playing a dance teacher. He comments, “I’m thrilled to be in the popular children’s franchise Girls x Heroine! I appear in the first episode as a dance teacher but also as a somewhat scary-looking zombie as well! I have a small dance scene, but I think you’ll like it! This franchise is popular with the kids, but we’ve made it so even adults can enjoy the show! Please watch this as a family!

Director Takashi Miike

After directing every Girls x Heroine title thus far, it should be no surprise that globally acclaimed director Takashi Miike will once again involve himself in Bittomo x Heroine Kirameki Powers as director and general director.

From Miracle Tunes, Majimajo Pures, Phantomirage, and Lovepatrina, we’ve reached a fifth series. And we’re levelling up the visuals and story with Bittomo x Heroine Kirameki Powers! We’re showing the latest techniques and developments in filming hardly seen on TV. And with the story, more than just being sparklingly cute and cool, it will be powerful. Of course, like the previous Girls x Heroine titles, it’s made for fifth and sixth graders to enjoy, but I envision families starting their Sunday mornings with smiles on their faces as they watch this show. I think everyone can enjoy this, so please give it a try.

Bittomo x Heroine Kirameki Powers! Game Start: An Epic Adventure! -Director Takashi Miike

Bittomo x Heroine Kirameki Powers will start airing on TV Tokyo on Sunday, July 11, 2021 at 9:00am (Japan Standard Time).

Source: Official Website

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