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April Fools 2023: Girls x Heroine Returns After Takara Tomy Makes Perfectly Safe Non-Magic Contract

April Fools

April Fools 2023: Girls x Heroine Returns After Takara Tomy Makes Perfectly Safe Non-Magic Contract

Takara Tomy was assured during negotiations that their wish will come true, and its employees’ souls will be safe.

Fans of magical girls can rest at ease because Takara Tomy’s tokusatsu magical girl series, Girls x Heroine is returning after RizSta: Top of Artists. Previously, Takara Tomy had confirmed that RizSta would be the final season of Girls x Heroine, but they’ve now announced that a new contract has been made to save the series!

Takashi Miike, creator of the series, went on Twitter to explain that his one deepest wish was for the Girls x Heroine series to continue forever. Apparently, he explained this to a strange cat, and now the resources have been made available to revive the series.

“The future of Girls x Heroine has been secured, and that’s all that matters. Some people close to me have been begging me to undo the contract. They say that innocent girls will be hurt because of my recklessness, but the cat has assured me that everything will be okay. There’s no magic involved here.”

Inside sources claim that Gen Urobuchi will be approached to write the next five seasons, and fans may be approached with the question of whether to make a contract and join the series. Our sources say that if you are approached to make a contract to grant your wish in exchange for joining the Girls x Heroine series, you should turn the offer down and sprint in the other direction. We were also given the following oddly specific warning:

“Don’t make a contract, don’t become an omnipotent god, and don’t lose your head.”

Girls x Heroine ended with RizSta back in 2022. For more information on this next series, make a contract and become a magical girl…….

Source: April Fool’s!!!

A Game Design and Production graduate of the Class of 2019, Brody is a creative who loves to draw, write, design, and dive deep into entertainment. He enjoys reverse engineering and analyzing the deeper meaning of video games, comics, movies, and of course, tokusatsu.

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