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Tsuburaya Productions Announces Manga Adaptation of “Darkness Heels”


Tsuburaya Productions Announces Manga Adaptation of “Darkness Heels”

Tsuburaya Productions’ Darkness Heels project will receive a manga adaptation, titled “DARKNESS HEELS ―Lili―.” It will begin serialization starting April 23.

On April 19, Tsuburaya Productions announced a manga adaptation of their Darkness Heels project. Titled “DARKNESS HEELS ―Lili―,” sample panels of the manga show Ultraman Belial in Ultraman form as well as in his human form when he appears before Lili.

The dark Ultraman, Belial

“Do your worst!! See if you can overpower me!! Only the winners can say that they’re right! That one may be of the light, but there’s darkness there too!” -Belial

Plot Summary

On the planet Huss, society has long been divided between the upper class and lower class citizens. However, the appearance of a weapon, the Battle Nizer, has intensified the conflict.

Lili an upper-class citizen and member of the Riot Suppression Corps, has doubts regarding her duties as she confronts lower-class citizens. While on duty, she jumps in without a second thought to save a small girl from a monster summoned by the Battle Nizer. Suddenly, a dark, mysterious man appears between her and the monster…

“DARKNESS HEELS ―Lili―” will begin monthly serialization on the online comic reader Comic Walker starting April 23 and will run for 25 chapters.

Darkness Heels is a Tsuburaya Productions project that reimagines various villains from the Ultraman series as dark heroes, namely: Ultraman Belial, Dark Zagi, Camearra, Evil Tiga, and Jugglus Juggler. Started in 2018, there have been several events featuring the cast of Darkness Heels as well as the stage production, “Darkness Heels -The Live-“.

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