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Kamen Rider Anime “Fuuto PI” Announced for 2022


Kamen Rider Anime “Fuuto PI” Announced for 2022

Kamen Rider W‘s sequel manga has been slated for an anime adaptation titled Fuuto PI to release in summer 2022.

For Toei’s first project announcement celebrating the Kamen Rider franchise’s 50th anniversary, an anime adaptation of Kamen Rider W‘s sequel manga, Fuuto PI, will be slated to release in summer 2022. Funimation also announced the anime will be streaming on their platform for North America.

Producer Hideaki who will be helming the anime commented on its release:

Have you ever felt a disconnect when a favorite work is remade in a different medium? “The hero wouldn’t say something like that…” “The tempo is off” “We already know the story, there’s no need to explain at great length…” But there was none of that disconnect when live action drama Kamen Rider W was followed by the manga, Fuuto PI.

The manga Fuuto PI is an official sequel, telling the next chapters of the W story. It was stimulating because the story was new, but there was also a refreshingly new technical aspect. Even as l supervised the project, I was astonished a how well scriptwriter Riku Sanjo was able to design a manga that could be read with the same breathless excitement that was generated by watching the live action W drama.

This can be attributed to Sanjo’s stance of “always imagining from the fan’s perspective.” That’s why readers were able to relish the manga stories set in the windy city of Fuuto without any disconnect.

And now the story of Fuuto morphs into yet another form as an animated series. It’s a milestone that’s emphasized by the lyrics of the Cyclone Effect song, “Gaining strength and power, the wind takes us to the next stage.” The group of talented animation creators working on this project are the “wind.” Always imagining from the fan’s perspective, we’ll take you to the “total satisfaction” stage!

Keep an eye out for the FUUTO Pl animated series, the next evolution of Kamen Rider W, coming your way in 2022!

Fuuto PI, written by Riku Sanjo and illustrated by Masaki Sato, is a direct sequel to the Kamen Rider W TV series (2009-2010) and continues to follow protagonists Shotaro Hidari and Philip as they protect the city of Fuuto.

Source: Toei, Funimation Official Twitter

Note: Past articles regarding the manga translated the title as Fuuto Detectives.

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