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New Super Sentai Mobile Games Released In Japan


New Super Sentai Mobile Games Released In Japan

Two new Super Sentai mobile games have been released on the Google Play Store in Japan.

“Super Sentai Gathering! Find Your Hero!” is an exciting and fun game where you can find and activate a hero from previous Super Sentai series. The player searches for hidden objects throughout the game and searches for specific Sentai heroes throughout the game. Additionally, the stages have various themes and Super Sentai teams. The player unlocks various Sentai images by collecting Super Sentai gears. In the most recent update, the newest team, Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger, was added to the lineup of playable heroes.

In “Zenkaiger Maze Game,” the player helps the Zenkaigers to navigate different levels and reach the goal on each map. The game lets the player change characters to open the doors of the corresponding colors and defeat enemies that block the path of the player.

Both games are available on the Google Play Store in Japan for 440 yen.

Source: Toei

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