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Tokusatsu Alumni to Star in Spring 2021 Drama “Takane no Hana-san”

Casting Announcements

Tokusatsu Alumni to Star in Spring 2021 Drama “Takane no Hana-san”

Three tokusatsu alumni will star in the upcoming drama Takane no Hana-san, airing on April 10.

Based on the manga by Kouji Murata, Takane no Hana-san follows 27-year-old Hana Takamine who works in the planning department of sweets-maker Michibachi Confectionery. A beauty and an ace in the department, Hana earns the nickname “Unattainable Hana” for being unapproachable by her coworkers and is rumored to be dating an amazing man. However, the truth is that she’s in love with her subordinate Tsuyoshi Yowaki, but Hana has the love sense of a 5th grader…

From left to right: Rika Izumi, Yuki Ogoe, Kenta Izuka, Kanon

Starring in her first drama role is Rika Izumi as Hana Takamine. Tokusatsu fans may recognize her for her role as Akira Kazuraba in 2013-2014’s Kamen Rider Gaim, sister to Kouta Kazuraba / Kamen Rider Gaim, but she also played Ami Mizuno / Sailor Mercury in the live-action adaptation of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

Hana’s subordinate Tsuyoshi Yowaki, who is in love with Hana, will be played by Yuki Ogoe. He formerly played Ramon in 2008-2009’s Kamen Rider Kiva.

Influencing Hana and Tsuyoshi’s relationship will be the popular Genki Sarada (nicknamed Chara-da), played by Kenta Izuka. Izuka played Hikaru Todoroki / R1 in the 2008-2009 tokusatsu series Tomica Hero Rescue Force.

Lastly, Kanon will play Ichigo Amai, the company’s idol often accompanied by her fans, the “Strawberries”.

Rika Izumi’s Comments

I was really surprised to get the role! I’m hoping to make a fun show with my co-stars, the director, and staff.

I found myself cheering for Hana as I read the manga, and before I knew it, I was finished with the story. All of the characters are interesting, so I think this is a love comedy that anyone can enjoy regardless of gender. I think there are experiences that anyone can relate to, and I relate to Hana’s inability to be honestly express her feelings. Everyone sees Hana as this cool beauty when she’s really a pure-hearted girl, and I think I can show that gap.

I think everyone has multiple sides, like a switch is flipped between when you’re at work and when you’re at home. In my case, it can be something like how I speak in the Kyoto dialect with my family.

Regarding Yowaki, he is endearing, trying very hard every day yet still not doing things well. He has that cute side, but he also has a more manly side as well.

To any viewers, whether you’re a fan of the story or you’re only just learning of the story, I think you’ll enjoy it. Please watch Hana’s love progress bit by bit every Saturday!

Yuki Ogoe’s Comments

With a haircut and with meeting my co-stars, I become Yowaki! His pure straightforwardness is charming, but he also has a strong heart. Balancing these sides will be tough, but I want to show Yowaki as unwavering.

I think we can perform such that you’ll support and sympathize with Hana and Yowaki as you laugh and feel your heart throb at how pure these two are. Whether or not you’ve read the manga, I hope you enjoy the drama.

Kenta Izuka’s Comments

I am Kenta Izuka, and I play Genki Sarada who goes by the nickname “Chara-da”. Chara-da is an annoying, gaudy character who is always causing trouble for others.

When I got the role, I tried to find aspects that were to similar to mine, but I haven’t found any! I’m working hard so people will be fans of the character! (haha)

In any case, while Chara-da is this kind of character, he’s hard to dislike, and he also has this mysterious charm about him. While he does trample around Hana, Yowaki, and Ichigo, I look forward to playing him such that you can sense his heart changing both as a person and as a man.

Everyone, please watch over Hana and Yowaki’s developing relationship and enjoy me and Ichigo stirring things up. Look forward to it!

Kanon’s Comments

I cut my hair so I can play Ichigo, and this is the first time my hair’s been this short. However, I’ve always wanted to cut my hair for a role, so I’m really happy too!

Ichigo has this dark side to her, but I think that can be said about anyone. In her case, I think Ichigo has this unexpectedly easy-to-read, pure cuteness about her.

I’m really nervous and anxious because this is my first time as a regular in a drama, but everyone’s characters are so interesting, and I’m learning a lot from them! As I feel the atmosphere heat up around them, I want to try playing Ichigo in my own way.

Everyone has a cute side, even Ichigo, and the characters repeatedly growing and developing will be a point to watch.

It might be frustrating to watch everyone being awkward, but please watch with anticipation!

Takane no Hana-san will start airing on Saturday, April 10 on BS TV Tokyo and TV Osaka. Episodes will also be viewable for one week at a time on the streaming service Hikari TV.

Sources: Natalie, Oricon

TeamTokuNet editor/translator living in Japan who also enjoys karaoke, papercraft, and dramas.

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