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Miki Mizuno and Renn Kiriyama Cast in Spring Drama “Colorful Love”

Casting Announcements

Miki Mizuno and Renn Kiriyama Cast in Spring Drama “Colorful Love”

Miki Mizuno and Renn Kiriyama will star in the upcoming spring 2021 drama Colorful Love.

In addition to Ai Yoshikawa and Rihito Itagaki, Miki Mizuno and Renn Kiriyama (Shotaro Hidari, Kamen Rider W) have also been announced to join the cast of the upcoming drama “Colorful Love”.

Miki Mizuno will play Asahi Tetsumoto, a character unique to the drama and the editor-in-chief of the editorial department that Wako (Ai Yoshikawa) works in. Asahi wears a cool smile and takes care of her subordinates, and Wako greatly respects her. However, to maintain her cool demeanor, Asahi believes that she doesn’t need to fall in love.

Renn Kiriyama will play the very self-centered Kira, a famous model who believes that there is no one woman in the world who doesn’t love him. However, Kira has yet to experience true love.

With Asahi and Kira’s encounter, a drama-original story will unfold as the two clumsily become closer.

Miki Mizuno’s Comment

About Asahi
She is the editor-in-chief in the editorial department for a manga publisher and is the main character’s boss. She doesn’t show much of her feelings, and she’s very capable.

Message to the Viewers
It feels like we’re in a new generation of dramas, and I want to learn many things from the young actors. The relationship between the two main characters is so fascinating, and I think the intrigue around their love-filled relationship will be the number one thing to watch out for.

Also, look forward to Master Kira. He’s played by Renn Kiriyama who’s just too funny! I want to pick out his interesting points and share them with you.

Renn Kiriyama’s Comment

About Kira
Master Kira, as he is called, is the most self-centered model in the world. However, he’s 32 years old and has not once gone out with a woman.

Message to the Viewers
We have two fresh faces portraying a new kind of couple, and I expect that this will be a drama that reflects the present.

Despite his detached, peculiar worldview and justice, it feels like my character Kira has such pure qualities that you can’t hate him. I’m also looking forward to Miki Mizuno’s acting. I’m very glad to perform with her again because it’s been a while.

While his encounters with Asahi are awkward, I will show how rich of a character Kira is while being mindful of his ever-changing heart. Please watch over me warmly.

Producer Shoko Kojima’s Comment

While we followed the original work as we worked on this serialization, we made a new development.

In including Asahi’s character, a story was formed starting from when she and Kira meet. A story between the difficult role that is Kira, who can be loved despite his beautiful detachment, and Asahi, this cool realistic person who can accept him. I believed that no one other than Mizuno and Kiriyama could bring out the characters’ charms, and they accepted the offer.

We’ve really made something amazing using the two of them. Between the fresh new couple of Wako and Meguru and the unfolding relationship between Asahi and Kira, please look forward to watching them!

Colorful Love will air starting April 1 at 11:59 pm.

Source: TheTV

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