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Premium Bandai Reveals CSM Garren Buckle Rouse Absorber & Garren Rouzer


Premium Bandai Reveals CSM Garren Buckle Rouse Absorber & Garren Rouzer

Premium Bandai announced the newest addition in the Complete Selection Modification line, the Garren Buckle, Rouse Absorber, and Garren Rouzer from Kamen Rider Blade.

Premium Bandai has revealed the newest additions in their Complete Selection Modification Line. From Kamen Rider Blade the Garren Buckle, Rouse Absorber, and Garren Rouzer used by Kamen Rider Garren all are apart of this new line. Much like the other products in the CSM line, it contains loads of extra features not featured in the DX line counterpart. Along with the transformation device and weapons, the line also comes with an infrared projector. This projector when connected to the Garren Buckle, will display effects such as the transformation effects.

The Garen Buckle comes full with additional sound effects along with the traditional ones. When a card gets inserted the belt appearing sound effect will play. The transformation standby and transformation sound effects will play as well. The Garen Buckle also comes with over 170 lines of dialogue from Sakuya Tachibana (Kamen Rider Garren) which can be played by pressing the top button on the driver. Background music from Kamen Rider Blade also comes included with the Garen Buckle. Nine themes from the show can be played by pressing the button on the bottom of the driver.

1. Awakening
2. rebirth
3. Take Everything
4. Prayer
5. Roadside Flower
6. Climax VII
7. BOARD Siren Sound
8. Distrust

31 Rouze Cards come included with this CSM collection as well. Eighteen sealing cards and thirteen ability cards come with the collection. The ability cards all come with unique sound effects with the Garren Lazar.

The Rouze Absorber works much like its counterpart in the BlayBuckle CSM line. By inserting the respective cards and the jack faceplate the sound effects for Garren’s Jack Form.

The Garren Rouzer is fully scaled to what was used in the show and comes with the sword attachment that Garren used when in his Jack Form. Scanning cards into the Rouzer will provide the respective sound effects, and raise the power meter on the side of the gun. The cards from the BlayBuckle CSM line can also be used on the Garren Rouzer. The Garren Rouzer also comes with a new sound effect button. When pressed, it will activate sound effects for a card being thrown and an Undead being sealed. A dialogue mode can be turned on as well, which will play dialogue from Tachibana when in use.

Kamen Rider Garren’s actor Hironari Amano also took part in a special interview showcasing the new CSM Line. In the interview, he shows off some of the features that come with the CSM line. He also reminisces about the dialogue and gives special tips as well. At the end of the video, he recreates a certain famous stare down from episode one of Kamen Rider Blade as well.

Pre-orders for the Kamen Rider Garren CSM set are currently open on Premium Bandai. Reservations will end on April 20th, 2020 and the products will ship in July. As of March 3rd, Premium Bandai announced on the page for the CSM collection a second reservation period once the first ends.

Source: Premium Bandai

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