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Indie Tokusatsu Merchandise Roundup Winter Edition


Indie Tokusatsu Merchandise Roundup Winter Edition

We take a look at another set of indie merchandise that you can purchase to show your love of tokusatsu. 

Bosie Bazaar

Acrylic charms are a common occurrence in the merchandising world and collectors now have more to add to their growing array of key chains. With several Kamen Rider faces to choose from, interested buyers can purchase multiple charms, or pick their favorites.

You can buy these charms on Bosie Bazaar’s Etsy store here.

Fiend Or Fauxx

Fiend Or Fauxx boasts an impressive t-shirt collection that has many different unique art pieces. The t-shirt that bears the honor of being the “only white shirt” in the store is none other than the giant hero Ultraman.

Only limited quantities are available, so act fast and add this Ultraman shirt to your wardrobe through Fiend Or Fauxx’s website.


For those who have been enjoying the newest Kamen Rider season, Kamen Rider Zero-One, you can now purchase hairclips in the form of Humagear headwear. You are able to choose between red or blue. Depending on which color you choose, the artist sends along a different postcard of their own artwork.

You can purchase a pair for yourself on Awqpie’s Storenvy.


If your dream Super Sentai team is a bunch of cats, look no further than the sticker set made by Naoshi. Showing off their stylistic poses, no enemy will stand a chance against this group of furry fighters.

You can purchase the set on Naoshi’s Etsy here.


Just in case you ever need to quickly solve a difficult equation, it would come in handy to have a Kamen Rider Build charm to help you figure it out. This charm is a perfect match for your collection and is the right size to take anywhere.

You can purchase the charm from MySillyComic’s store here.

Katie is a cosplayer and tokusatsu fan located in North Carolina. She has been writing for over ten years. She is most commonly associated in the tokusatsu community with the cosplayer/costumer, TheNextDecade. She works full time helping animals at an ER.

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