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Interview With Sonozaki Sisters To Be Published in Next Kamen Rider W Manga

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Interview With Sonozaki Sisters To Be Published in Next Kamen Rider W Manga

Two members of the Sonozaki family are next in line to interview for the Kamen Rider W manga. 

Following the tradition of interviewing cast members from the 2009 Kamen Rider season Kamen Rider W, Ami Namai and Rin Asuka will be published in the next chapter of Fuuto Detectives being released this month. The chapter will be released through Weekly Big Comic Spirits.

Ami Namai portrayed Saeko Sonozaki as the eldest child in the Sonozaki family; she was the Taboo Dopant. Rin Asuka portrayed Wakana Sonozaki, the middle child who was also a popular idol and the Claydoll Dopant. This is the first time they have “reprised” their roles since the show ended in 2010. In the interview, they discuss what they love about the series, as well as their love for photography.

Other interviews conducted with cast include Kamen Rider Skull’s actor Koji Kikkawa, Akiko Narumi’s Actress Hikaru Yamamoto, Ryu Terui/Kamen Rider Accel’s actor Minehiro Kimimoto, along with the two halves of Kamen Rider W: Masaki Suda and Renn Kiriyama.

The new chapter releases on March 30, along with the 8th volume of the manga series.


Katie is a cosplayer and tokusatsu fan located in North Carolina. She has been writing for over ten years. She is most commonly associated in the tokusatsu community with the cosplayer/costumer, TheNextDecade. She works full time helping animals at an ER.

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