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FUUTO PI: The Stage Adaptation Announced


FUUTO PI: The Stage Adaptation Announced

FUUTO PI, the sequel manga series to Kamen Rider W, will be adapted to a stage production opening this December.

On September 26, a new stage production based on the popular FUUTO PI manga series, FUUTO PI: The STAGE has been announced.

The production will be directed by Nobuhiro Mori (known for his writing credits for the Super Sentai series) and Riku Sanjo, head writer for Kamen Rider W and writer for FUUTO PI, will serve as the supervising scriptwriter. The screenplay itself will be written by Nobuhiro Mori and Hayato Nishi. Kamen Rider W and FUUTO PI‘s music composers, Kotaro Nakagawa and Shuhei Naruse, will lend their skills for the music of this production as well.

Masanari Wada has been cast as Shotaro Hidari for FUUTO PI: The Stage. Fans may recognize him for his portrayal of Junpei Shiranami/young Genta Igarashi in the Revice Legacy: Kamen Rider Vail spin-off. Playing Philip will be Tsubasa Kizu. While he does not have a televized tokusatsu credit to his name, Kizu has a wealth of experience in anime-to-stage adaptaions such as in Dr. Stone as Senku (July 2022) and Tokyo Revengers as Takemichi Hanagaki (March 2022).

Regarding the announce of the stage adaptation, Riku Sanjo writes,

“The FUUTO PI manga will now be adapted for the stage. It is a brand new challenge following the anime adaptation.

How will Philip and Shotaro go about their lives on a stage? For elements that are crucial to Kamen Rider — transformations, action, bike segments —, how can we express them in a stage production? These are all new undertakings, and we’re feeling out the responses as we prepare. I’m very excited for this.

There is just one thing I cannot prepare, and that is the strength of the audience. I believe that, unlike for film or TV, the acting for a stage production is made with the audience. Please make this performance with us.

If we talk about Shotaro’s presence, I’m thinking of his line, ‘Lend me half of your strength, partner.’ And I would love it if someone coolly replied, ‘Yeah,’ like Philip does.

Please support us for FUUTO PI‘s latest challenge!”

FUUTO PI: The Stage will be performed December 2022 ~ January 2023 in Tokyo and Osaka.

The stage production is based on the popular 2017 manga FUUTO PI from Shokakugan’s Weekly Big Comic Spirits. The manga serves as sequel to the events of the 2009-2010 tokusatsu series Kamen Rider W. The story has recently been adapted into an anime series produced by Studio KAI and Ishinomori Entertainment, currently streaming outside of Japan on Crunchyroll. More cast and stage production details will be updated via the stage production’s official website.

Staff and Cast

  • Director: Nobuhiro Mori
  • Supervising Scriptwriter: Riku Sanjo
  • Screenplay: Hayato Nishi, Nobuhiro Mori
  • Music: Kotaro Nakagawa, Shuhei Naruse
  • Philip: Masanari Wada
  • Shotaro Hidari: Tsubasa Kizu
    …and more.

Source: FUUTO PI: The STAGE Offical Website

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