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Keisuke Watanabe and Takeru Satoh Appear on NYLON Magazine Cover

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Keisuke Watanabe and Takeru Satoh Appear on NYLON Magazine Cover

The two past Kamen Rider actors discuss their latest drama in an upcoming issue of NYLON.

Keisuke Watanabe, who just finished playing Woz in Kamen Rider Zi-O last year, rests his head on Takeru Satoh, of Kamen Rider Den-O fame. Both actors are promoting their drama An Incurable Case Of Love in this issue. Watanabe and Satoh previously acted together in Heisei Generations Forever. In an interview discussing meeting Satoh, while Watanabe was not on-screen during that fateful scene, he was on set at the location and did get to meet Satoh.

The theme of the magazine issue is “new hair”, therefore Watanabe and Satoh are sporting new hairstyles never seen before. Watanabe said in a statement that he was honored to work with a Senior when he himself is still a Junior. Fans have seen a noticeable rise in Watanabe’s popularity after concluding his Kamen Rider season. It echoes similarities to Satoh’s steady rise to fame thanks to the success of the Kamen Rider Den-O series. A mini photocard of the two actors will be included in the magazine.

Fans who would like to purchase the magazine will be able to do so through Amazon or their local Japanese retailers once it releases on March 28. The price of the magazine will be 750 yen.

Source: NYLON

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