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Summary of Zi-O SG Watcher: Vol.46


Summary of Zi-O SG Watcher: Vol.46

From the archive of Bandai’s candy toy blog series for Kamen Rider Zi-O, with a reveal for SO-DO Kamen Rider Zi-O: RIDE 11, the August schedule, and further features of SO-DO Kamen Rider OOO.

The man currently in charge of candy toy development goes by G, and in honor of Zi-O, he is now going by the name Gi-O.

The main focus of this blog is Another Zi-O, which will be included in SO-DO Kamen Rider Zi-O: RIDE 11!

When it comes to the Another Riders featured in SO-DO Gaiden Kamen Rider Zi-O: ANOTHER 1, they needed to mold the heads with soft plastic for safety reasons. Because of this, their heads were completely painted since stickers don’t go well with it – but since Another Zi-O is easier to work with (probably because it’s almost exactly Zi-O’s head shape), they casted it in normal plastic and use a mix of paint and stickers. A small detail like the text on the face is too small to reproduce with paint.

Side note, the way that Gi-O describes that difference is interesting. He says that the Another Riders are more “clunky” than the main Riders, which I guess can also be translated as “not as clever” as the main Riders. I’m guessing as far as how streamlined and smooth they are.

Various closeups on the figure show that much of the silver and gunmetal colors are paint work, while the pink is provided by stickers.

The double-ended sword used by Another Zi-O is also included. Due to the way it’s attached to the top and bottom of the fist, these can be wielded separately as well.

As is the standard of Gi-O, the blog goes into detail about colors this time. While it may seem like the silver is one shade from a quick glance, three different shades of color were used on the appropriate parts: Light gunmetal, dark gunmetal, and regular silver.

He explains that these subtle differences keep the figure from being monotonous. And I can confirm, as a collector, Bandai does a good job with their silver.

Photos of Another Zi-O in action.

With that, the first of the new RIDE 11 reveals is done. Gi-O follows up on the last post, where he first revealed the entire wave in one go, as well as apologize for having Kasshine be the anticlimactic mystery figure that fueled expectations.

He remarks that there’s this feeling that too much information was revealed in that update, but goes on to say that Kasshine is something that’s now on his “criminal record”, and so presents a clear idea of what to expect for August in terms of updates to prevent fans from getting any wild expectations.

August 4th: New SO-DO Series information revealed.

August 11th: Gi-O says this will not be new SO-DO series info, it’s a simple curveball, but assures you it’s a good product. As a later post reveals, there was a coded message here to hint at the product in question.

August 18th: New SO-DO Series information revealed.

August 25th: New SO-DO Series information revealed.

Most importantly, September 1st will be when the blog reveals product information for the upcoming Kamen Rider Zero-One. He specifies that nothing in August relates to the new series.

Last on the blog post is Mr. D, revealing some more tidbits about SO-DO Kamen Rider OOO. The photos included reveal that there will be option parts for displaying the Tora claws, as well as the Batta legs, the latter of course requiring a display stand. Fans were quick to notice the lines on the chest, and it is here that they confirm the figure will be made to split into three for Combo Changes. The wave figures:

  • TaToBa Combo
  • GataKiriBa Combo
  • LaToraTah Combo
  • SaGohZo Combo

Lastly, it seems that an Ankh hand is also in the works. As was previously stated, all of this is still under development.

Source: Bandai Candy Staff Blog

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