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Summary of Zi-O SG Watcher: Vol.47


Summary of Zi-O SG Watcher: Vol.47

From the archive of Bandai’s candy toy blog series for Kamen Rider Zi-O, with a reveal for SO-DO Kamen Rider Zi-O: RIDE PLUS, and a new announcement for SO-DO Kamen Rider W.

The man currently in charge of candy toy development goes by G, and in honor of Zi-O, he is now going by the name Gi-O.

Gi-O begins with a reveal of Kamen Rider Ginga for SO-DO Kamen Rider Zi-O: RIDE PLUS 2! Imagine, they made a SO-DO figure for Fourze’s Meteor Fusion States form just to make this. And a Mage helmet. Mage has NO figures.

Various closeups showing you how much sticker work you’ll be doing. The planets are represented by stickers, with some nice matte black for the lower legs. On my end, it seems like the subtle texture of the original suit is missing.

Gi-O makes a point of addressing the cape, likely because of the Ginga-relevant form, WozGinga. Whereas the aforementioned WozGinga had a soft plastic cape, Gi-O tells us that this sort of thing is too expensive for a “one box completion” figure like Ginga. In other words, it’s made of hard plastic. Despite that, the cape has a nice glossy finish, so it’s not a total loss.

Images of Ginga in action, recreating scenes from the show. And just showing him wielding other weapons from the wave.

Next up is Kamen Rider Hattari, who appeared in the Kamen Rider Shinobi spin-off! You must once again appreciate what work goes into the future Riders and their reused suit parts, because this is essentially a new figure of Dark Drive.

Various closeups show that the helmet is designed smartly. For one, the shuriken is removable so that the stickers can be easily applied to the visor. As well, the long flowing bandanna is pointing out at an angle so that it doesn’t get in the way of any articulation.

Various poses and scene recreations. Gi-O alerts us that there are some spoilers to the Shinobi spin-off, but because I have yet to see it, I don’t know what it spoils yet.

As was previously established, the Option Parts Set provides you with a pair of swords for Hattari. And for those who want it, there are two display stands in the wave as well.


As a bonus, Gi-O gets into some development talk. He brings up the boxes included with RIDE PLUS – did you notice the difference? If not, or you don’t collect them, it’s this:

Normally, the SO-DO boxes feature an advertisement/explanation of the armor change gimmick. Since RIDE PLUS is a lower budget wave with characters you can complete with one box (as opposed to a body set an armor set), they didn’t need to advertise said gimmick. Instead, they included specs for the Riders. For RIDE PLUS 2, the only one without specs is Hattari, because none were ever given for him.

Now, some SO-DO Kamen Rider W news! After the popularity of the first wave and Premium Bandai set, it has been decided that the series will continue with a new Premium Bandai set!

A previous blog post referenced “that character” (red text) and “that character” (blue text) who were in the questionnaire, and it is indeed referencing this wave. Kamen Rider Accel will be featured in both default form and Accel Trial.

On Accel, Mr. D remarks that the design of Accel was difficult to get right, particularly the helmet proportions – the helmet also features some soft plastic with the first use of clear soft plastic on the visor. Alas, he will not have a bike mode gimmick, which Mr. D hopes you’ll understand.

Also included in this wave is Kamen Rider Skull, in all his hard-boiled glory. The hat and muffler are made of soft plastic, giving them a nice texture. An alternate helmet is included to give you Skull Crystal.

This Premium Bandai set is titled SO-DO Kamen Rider W: The Unstoppable A / By the will of S.

Source: Bandai Candy Staff Blog

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