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Tsuburaya Announces Ultra Galaxy Fight with Worldwide Release


Tsuburaya Announces Ultra Galaxy Fight with Worldwide Release

Tsuburaya has released Japanese and English versions of a trailer promoting the release of the new Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes series, to be broadcast via the Ultraman Official Youtube channel.

The trailer features the Ultra heroes from the New Generation era of the Ultraman series, which began with 2013’s Ultraman Ginga.

Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes will be released on September 29th at 10 AM JST. The series will run for 13 episodes. The series will be written by Junichiro Ashiki and directed by Koichi Sakamoto. Tsuburaya describe it as:

First time ever in an Ultraman series! The newest series will be streaming exclusively on the Ultraman official channel on YouTube worldwide in both Japanese and English.Directed by Koichi Sakamoto, in which one episode is 5 minutes long with amazing action scenes. The episode will connect the story after ULTRAMAN R/B The Movie: Select! The Crystal of Bond and the story before ULTRAMAN TAIGA. What happened in between the two series? The enemies of the past arise! Even mysterious black Ultraman, Ultraman X Darkness and Ultraman Geed Darkness appear!

A video was also released featured comments from series director Koichi Sakamoto.

Source: Ultraman Official Youtube channel


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Brevin

    July 28, 2019 at 12:36 am

    So, do we know if this will be with english subtitles, or english dub?

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